THE COOL BEAN | Illustrating the Character

Hello there, my name is Pete Oswald. I’m the illustrator of The Bad Seed, The Good Egg, and our newest book The Cool Bean. Today, I wanna show you how I designed The Cool Bean by using a mixture of pencil and real paint. I’ll first start with drawing the Continue Reading

The Cool Bean | Animated Trailer

[SOUND] Here come the cool beans. They swagger to the left. They strut to the right. They’re so cool. They play guitar. [MUSIC] They draw the best superheroes. And one of them can jump higher than any bean I’ve ever known [MUSIC] That’s really cool.>>There are two types of beans Continue Reading

Coffee Table Books You Need Now

Wallace here, contributing editor at Book Riot with your Monday video. Today I’m talking about 3 table coffee books. The first one is called Practically Posh, which is a pretty cheesy name. I’ve had this book for so long. But it’s really fun. It has tips on like entertaining, home Continue Reading