DIY Coffee Cup Wire Ring Tutorial

hey there Heather Boyd Wire here I make wire art and jewelry making videos on my channel as well as weekly live streams troubleshooting new designs today we’re making these super cute little coffee cup rings and it was a special request from Kelly. What you’re going to need for Continue Reading

Cold Open: Cold Brew? Don’t Mind if I Cold Do! – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Episode Highlight)

. – [humming] Another cold brew? Don’t mind if I “cold do.” Nailed it. I am loving this machine that Charles brought in. – It is nice. The trick is to let the coffee warm up to room temperature. I’m already on my second cup. – This is my third. Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Americano : How to Grind Coffee Beans for a Single Americano

CLANCY ROSE: So now we’re going to talk about your espresso grinders that you’re going to use to grind your beans for the espresso shots for the single Americano. So this is a home-used espresso grinder. And how it works, you got your hopper where you put the beans in. Continue Reading

Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Chinese Green Tea

Alright, now let’s talk about the specific steeping instructions for green tea from China. What we have over here is a Jasmine pearl green tea. You can see the leaves are rolled into these little balls. Basically, you are going to use a tea spoon of these pearls and that Continue Reading

Healthy Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipe – Indulgent Fuel

Hi my name is Ritu and welcome to my channel IndulgentFuel. Today we’re going to be making a protein-packed iced coffee. And it doesn’t have any added sugar, so let’s get started. To make this, you will need a scoop of chocolate whey powder, I’m using Designer Whey protein, Some Continue Reading

How to Make the Double Espresso : How to Grind Coffee Beans for a Double Espresso

CLANCY ROSE: So, here is your grinder and you are going to fill up the hopper with the coffee. The beans are going to flow down here, get ground in the machine, they are going to be–they are going to flow into the dosing chamber. You have a lever here Continue Reading

Creamy Coffee (how to make creamy coffee) with English subtitles

today im going to teach you how to make creamy coffee we are going to whip cream in a glass bowl because it is best if you use glass i have a glass bowl im going to make 3 cups of coffee you will need sugar to taste, coffee, double Continue Reading

Pulling the Perfect Espresso Shot

Espresso is kind of a mystery to a lot of people. Because the barista, like, does things behind the machine, and then there’s a drink at the end. Espresso is, kind of, the heart at lot of cafes. It’s some great sounds. All of those sounds really go into making Continue Reading

361L Caffeine Extraction from Tea (#8)

In this video caffeine is extracted from tea using dichloromethane. The crude extract is purified by recrystallization with ethanol. I am going to add about 75 mL of water to a 200-mL beaker. Then I am going to throw in a few boiling stones. I am going to cover the Continue Reading

HOW TO ROAST YOUR OWN COFFEE BEANS | Make a GREAT Cup of Coffee! | Moore Approved

and in this episode I teach you how to make a great cup of coffee by roasting your own coffee beans welcome to moore approved I’m James and today I’m going to be showing you how to roast your own coffee beans it’s pretty simple and easy it’s very straightforward Continue Reading