Green Tea Ice Cream and Hand-drip Tea in Shizuoka

Simon-We’re gonna learn a lot today. Martina-This is gonna be some serious stuff. S-Get on your education hats, people. M-Take out your backpack and put a bento in there. S-Pull out your protractor and your rulers. M-Make sure you pack your calculator cause you won’t have those in your phone’s Continue Reading

BEST MATCHA ICE-CREAM | Taste Testers | EP 104

PD: Hi guys! Hi! Hi! We are doing ice-cream today? Woo! It’s my favourite meal! Milo Kit Kat Basically all the chocolate right You make into ice-cream. I’m quite basic. I always go for chocolate vanilla strawberry Are you serious? Macadamia Cereal milk Her flavours damn atas one. Sea salt Continue Reading

health benefits of green tea – the amazing health benefits of green tea

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Fat Free Ice Cream | Coffee, Matcha, Strawberry

I wanted to make this video to inspire you because basically making fruit ice cream is amazing Just make sure you’ve got a supply of bananas in the freezer and whenever you fancy a sweet sweet taste just go to the freezer, grab a banana whack it in to the Continue Reading

Halo Top Review – Mochi Green Tea!

It’s the last of the new Halo Top flavors today — Mochi Green Tea. My review, starting now. Hey guys, how are ya? It”s Aaron! Welcome to A.D. Keto. This is a channel where we talk about all things ketogenic diet. We talk some keto foods, we talk a little Continue Reading

McDonald’s Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream and McFlurry – Crazy From Kong Review !!

McDonald Green Tea Series on here we are at McDonalds we just got the green tea seriously you can see back there yeah and you got the green tea Sunday right yeah and you got McFlurry trying to meet sorry don’t say this is like it’s like it really artificial Continue Reading

NEW Homemade Ice Cream (No Machine): Neapolitan, Kulfi, Green Tea & More! Bigger Bolder Baking

Hi Bold Bakers! It’s almost summertime so you know what that means! It is ice cream time! Now I have five brand new flavors for you and the theme is ice cream from all around the world. So I want you to stay tuned to see if I do an Continue Reading

Boseong Tea Plantation – Visting Boseong Green Tea Fields in Boseong, Korea (보성) | Life in Korea

Look happy! Tea, we’re going to drink tea. After a long journey we have finally arrived at the Boseong Tea Plantations and now we have to climb these steps in order to reach the top. This is the steepest part of the climb and we’re almost near the top and Continue Reading