DIY | Baking Soda & Lime Face Scrub | FADE ACNE SCARS! Euniycemari

so I’m doing a patch test I’m going to keep this on here for about like a minute or so when I suggest doing this before applying to your face anything that you’re not sure if you’re going to have an emotional reaction to us they do a patch test Continue Reading

Simply Nature Cocoa

Cocoa is the number one flavour. In Kerry we are covered with the supply of cocoa beans from all over the globe, from Brazil, to Africa to Indonesia. We have extraction plants in Europe, in Grasse. We have an extraction plant in Brazil. So we know extraction, wherever we need Continue Reading

Cascara Soda Behind the Scenes | My RØDE Reel 2019

Cascara Soda has been very popular… …during the 5 years we have been in Copenhagen. Forloren Espresso is closed now …but I’d like to pass on the recipe Cascara can be a bit tricky to find in Europe A long time ago I got it from England. That is no Continue Reading


welcome to Bachelor’s Cooking Today we will tech you how to prepare “Blue Berry Muffins” For this i have fresh Blue Berries and i have crush them in the mixer if you want you can use either Syrup or Crush Blue Berries. Apart from that what all ingredients are required Continue Reading

Making Chocolate: Cocoa Tree To Chocolate Bar

Hello! I’m here with Rebeca. She is the Marketing Director at AMMA Chocolate and she’s getting ready to give us a tour today. Can you say hi? (Rebeca) Hi everyone! Welcome to our world of magic. The mission of AMMA is to return to the forest and help give life Continue Reading


Greetings (Namaskaram)! I am Yogi Nitya, Many people asked, for an instant solution for uric acid problems, that they do not have to take Allopathic medicines. Because Allopathic medicines have to be taken, alongside Ayurvedic remedies, and they are unable to get proper results, because the uric acid level is Continue Reading

Mini Bubble Tea Charm Tutorial

And that is how we make our mini bubble tea keychains! This is our very first tutorial so if you have any suggestions or recommendations please leave us a comment below. Thank you for watching! If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up for the Youtube algorithm Continue Reading

नेपाली चिया | How to Make Authentic Nepali Masala Tea | SPICED MILK TEA Masala Chai

hello everyone welcome back to my channel today I am here with another recipe which is Nepali style masala tea for this recipe first I have a cup of milk and a cup of water and I have 1 tbsp tea powder and for the masala I have 1 bay Continue Reading

Nao diga não para as gigs que você ainda não tem – café espresso #10

Hey dude, what’s up Welcome to “espresso coffee” well, this is a quote that I learned from a gringo a drummer actually he says: “Never turn down the gigs that you don’t have” or the gigs you don’t even have yet… Man, I don’t know go to a jam session Continue Reading

10 KETO FOODS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE IN YOUR FRIDGE + 7 easy keto recipes to make with them

one of the keys to being successful with the keto diet is to always be prepared and I have foods on hand that you can just make recipes out of moment’s notice so if you come home from work and you’re starving or if you wake up in the morning Continue Reading