Chef Buck and CG in Mexico

all righty we’re in a new kitchen but not gonna be making any cooking videos in here because it’s too hot we’re an air B&B and it got it with a full kitchen thinking I’d do a little cooking no I’ve been eating that because it’s the food here is Continue Reading

Mariah Carey Spills the Tea in Never Have I Ever | Harper’s BAZAAR

It’s the do- it’s Cha Cha I think she should be a part of the game though. Cha Cha need to see Joe for a little touch up before I’m Mariah Carey I’m back headlining in Vegas and in the spirit of Las Vegas we are playing a fun little Continue Reading

The first Renegade tea is ready! // Renegade tea growing vlog

Good morning! So what are you guys doing? Tea. So what’s up? We have been without Sonam for more than two weeks now. Tough life. Things are going we are drinking our own tea. Made without Sonam. We have even put some of it in the packages! Getting fancy! We Continue Reading

The Sopranos – Patsy and Burt failed extortion attempt at “Starbucks”

“Manager Dale” Welcome to the neighborhood. We are from the North Ward Merchants Protective Cooperative. I’m kinda busy. You guys looking for a donation? – Let him finish. – You may have noticed… …not to denigrate anyone, but this is a transitional neighborhood. I mean, demographically speaking, you still have Continue Reading

She Solves – Tea Devow

I’m 13 years old. My name is Tea, and I have my own business. My business is sharing Aboriginal culture through words and images on clothes, hats, bags, leather goods, and so much more. This is my sister Sienna, and she’s my business assistant. From a very young age I Continue Reading