All 50 States Ranked by Nickname. Part 3

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the world according to Briggs and our ranking of all 50 states by their nicknamed series that is still a very long title anyway this is part three of the series and if you haven’t seen the other two there’s a link Continue Reading

10 Unsolved Murders Cities

What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the world according to Briggs, my name is Briggs have you ever heard the same getting away with murder while doing some research for the murder capitals of the United States recently I found an FBI crime stat I never really thought Continue Reading

Hawaii acai berry smoothie

There’s no sleeping in when you’re in Hawaii and the birds come out in full-force between four and five in the morning so you literally cannot sleep. So we get up and make smoothies for breakfast. We jump in the hot tub or in the ocean, swim with manta rays Continue Reading

Hawaii Coffee Festival this Saturday

have the event for you. Here to tell us more about the Hawaii Coffee Festival is Shawn Steiman — one of the people who will be at the event. We’re drinking a coffee from Maui, grown in Kaanapali by MauiGrown Coffee, and roasted by Daylight Mind Coffee Company. The variety Continue Reading

How to play “Johnny B Goode” Chuck Berry on Ukulele

hey what’s up everybody this is Stuart Fuchs here celebrating the fourth of July you’re feeling free wherever you are so what I’d like to do with this video is share one of my favorite rock and roll riffs of all time this is going to be Johnny be good Continue Reading

Get your caffeine kick at a new coffee and tea spot

If you begin your day with a caffeine kick then we’ve got a new place for you to top off your morning. Joining us this morning co=owners of TEAPRESSO, Steve and Katelynn Nguyen. Steve Nguyen, Co-owner Katelynn Nguyen, Co-owner 1. Why did you open Teapresso? We grew up California, in Continue Reading

Coffee Berry Borer IPM – 30 Trees Sampling Method for CBB Monitoring – Part I

[birds chirping] (Narrator) The 30 Tree Sampling Method for coffee berry borer monitoring helps determine the beetle population on your farm. It gives an estimate on your berry infestation, and bean damage, as well as help you to determine the most effective times to spray Beauveria bassiana. This video will Continue Reading