Rory o Hanlon -Coffee shops

– Like dogs with clothes, have you seen that? Even the dogs are going, “What’s going on, guys?” I saw a dog the other night in a leather jacket, vaping, it was like (audience laughing) He was outside a restaurant coffee shop He couldn’t go into the coffee shop because Continue Reading

Game of Thrones – Starbucks Coffee Cup

Hi everybody and welcome back to TheBlogspot 40. Ttoday we’re going to talk about Game of Thrones and that Starbucks coffee cup. Okay here we go. We finally know who left that coffee cup in a shot in Game of Thrones final season. Emilia Clarke who starred as Daenerys Targaryen Continue Reading

Big Little Lies: Coffee Shop (Season 2 Episode 1 Clip) | HBO

-Hi! -MARY LOUISE WRIGHT: Hi! -Madeline. -Madeline! -Yes. -It’s so nice to see you again. I’m Celeste’s friend, yes. -How’ve you been? -Good, good. The kids are good. -How’re you? -I can’t complain. Actually I can. My son is dead. But Celeste tells me that you continue to be so Continue Reading

Emilia Clark Makes Hilarious Confession About ‘Game of Thrones’ Coffee Cup | THR News

– I’m glad. – I think that’s who did it. – But we don’t know for sure but that’s who you think did it. – I mean he said it. And he might’ve been drunk, but he said it. – Yeah, yeah. – The case of the coffee cup was Continue Reading