Healthy Breakfast Muesli | #10HealthyMeals | Anna Jones

Hi Food Tube, I’m Anna Jones and I’m going to show you how to make one of my favourite ever breakfasts. It’s bircher muesli, this is a dairy free breakfast, and it’s warming and delicious and exactly what you need to get you going for the day. For this I’m Continue Reading

Caffeine Intake and Chiropractic Care

Goodafternoon. Today’s health tip is about caffeine intake and why it’s so important to limit your caffeine intake while you’re under chiropractic care. While we’re trying to strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles you wanna keep them hydrated. Caffeine in tea, soda, and coffee form severely dehydrates the muscles making them Continue Reading

Rooibos Tea or Red Bush Tea, caffeine-free South African herbal tea | Andrew’s Tasting Notes

– So this is Rooibos or Redbush, or Bush tea or Redbush tea. And people pronounce Rooibos lots of different ways but that’s how I say it. And here it is. And it comes from a plant that looks a bit like a gorse bush, that grows on the Cape Continue Reading

Grocery haul / Caffeine Pills / Food for the Week

this man this morning the high stakes if you’re watching us your open again on Vance Jackson is all threes so close to dunk my friend asked me to lose some weight around the lot of groceries grocery haul green grocer Whole I respect legally start with how much I Continue Reading

Caffeine Withdrawal Headaches + More Energy After Quitting Caffeine

either my name’s Joe Marinelli I’m from Boston Massachusetts and I’m 27 years old I’ve been addicted to caffeine since I was 12 so I originally decided a month ago that I wanted to stop drinking caffeine completely I did and I got these horrible migraine headaches so bad that Continue Reading

Wear Your Caffeine?!

(audience clapping) It’s time to check in and see if those caffeine bracelets I highlighted earlier have given our audience testers a little bit of a buzz, joined currently by Lisa, Leslie and Gretchen, they’ve been wearing this energy band all day I guess yesterday, and then I guess your Continue Reading

FDA Banning Bulk Shipments Of Pure Caffeine | NBC Nightly News