Kayden James Buchanan – Caffeinated (Official Music Video)

*Phone Ringing* Yo what up? What? Oh no he didn’t I’ll be right there I just got a call Sayin’ That someone In this house is touchin my coffee And its you You know what, Its time you take a break from coffee. What are you thinkin of doing with Continue Reading

Midnight Espresso’s Random Samples #0 – Pilot

On this beautiful and clear day in Milan, these beautiful guys will go into a beautiful record store where they will randomly pick records while blindfolded. They’ll have to sample and make a beat out of them. “Caliente”. Miguel Bosé… For real? Something tells me that nothing good will come Continue Reading

Midnight Espresso’s Random Samples #1- My Funny Valentine

Yeah! We are Midnight Espresso We are making a special episode for Valentine’s Day in which our man Silvio went out asking people about what’s their favorite love song. Then, he gave us one song each. Now we have to do what we like. That’s it! For Valentine’s Day’s episode, Continue Reading

Making a 1-Track Song! plus 15% OFF Bitwig, 30%OFF Movavi Video Editor 2020

two things firstly a lot of you have decided to email me no wait a lot of you did not email me in a fit of rage enlightening me to the fact that I must be the world’s biggest asshole for not giving even more of a discount on bitwixe Continue Reading

Ray J Wants The Tea On Fizz & Apryl | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

– What up everybody, this is Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked, uncensored and Apryl Jones is out here lighting up Instagram with photos at the B2K concert. – And I’m backstage eating. Waiting for the show to start. – Wonder what Omarion’s gonna say because I know Moniece, when she Continue Reading


What the fuck is up, you buttercup? Purrp in that blunt, smoking suicide bloody blunts Pussy boy you talking shit for Twitter, it ain’t adding up How these pussy niggas moving day to day I’ve had enough Post with that fucking blade, bitch, I’ll skin your face Dick on that Continue Reading

Thôi Trễ Rồi, Chắc Anh Phải Về Đây – TeA ft. PC (Prod. TaKu) [Official Video]