How to Make a Cup of Tea – The Victorian Way

Oh, hello. I think I’m just about ready for a cup of tea. Everyone here at Audley End House likes a good cup of tea. Lady Braybrooke makes hers herself in the house with her own urn. She, I’m told, has it very weak. And she has it made from Continue Reading

History of British Ceylon Tea Documentary

this is Sri Lanka. previously Ceylon it was once an important part of the British Empire. A variety of lucrative crops were grown here. This is cinnamon. Its production was sponsored by the British in Ceylon, as well as other crops such as Cinchona which was used to make an Continue Reading

When Good Beans Go Bad HD

Drinking coffee is serious business. The average American drinks three cups a day — that’s 587 million cups across the country. With so many of us drinking the stuff every day, how do we really know when we’re having a fresh cup? It all comes down to a bunch of Continue Reading

The Boston Tea Party 1773, (The American Revolution)

The Boston Tea Party – December 16th, 1773 The Boston Tea party was a protest against British taxation. In 1773 the British Parliament passed the Tea Act. This meant that the British East India Company had a monopoly on the American tea trade. The colonials were angry! There were public Continue Reading

St. Jude: This is Why We’re Here

“I never thought I would live to see St. Jude hospital built.” St. Jude was born of a long day. Hours after the crowds departed, one lonely car remained—Dr. Donald Pinkel—the hospital’s first director and employee had work to do. Young lives depended upon it. They said he was a Continue Reading

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie and the Cup

Burnie: I feel like I should reveal why I don’t drink all my coke. So when I was in college one time. We were in South Padre Island. And so I met my buddies and we were drinking. And I’m drinking my cup of beer. And… you get pretty drunk. Continue Reading

The Competitive World of Latte Art | How to Make Everything: Coffee

I’m in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit what some consider to be the best coffee shop in the Midwest: Kickapoo Coffee. I’m here to learn about Latte Art. But first to I have to try some of the coffee yeah it’s pretty good at this point I’ve been through a bit Continue Reading

Afternoon Tea: A Brief History

Tea was introduced to Europe in the mid-16th century by a Portuguese missionary but didn’t become available to the British public until a century later Around the same time, Catherine of Braganza of Portugal married Charles Ⅱ and brought tea to the Royal house of England for the first time Continue Reading

Pawn Stars: Custom Dodgers Autographed Baseball Bench Table | History

– What is this? TOM: That’s a bench and a table. Tell me about this. I started making these benches in 1999. It’s a history of not only the Los Angeles Dodgers, but going back to Brooklyn. And I was commissioned by another major league team to make an autograph Continue Reading

The Brew – Deconstructing Coffee | How to Make Everything: Coffee

I know basically nothing about coffee when I go into a coffee shop most times I have no idea what I’m ordering let me change that so in these three episodes I’m breaking down learning the three most important aspects of making that perfect cup of coffee the bean the Continue Reading