Assalmualaikum.. Welcome to the irvandi’s home.. There is a tea garden on the side of my house The tea gardens owned by great-grandfather Incidentally, there are workers who were picking tea (Mothers who work shy in the camera shot) (Mrs. worker asked me when I come home?) (I said maybe Continue Reading

Yarn Color of the Year 2020! – Tea with Shira #69

>>Just, just give her a call.>>Yeah call me up.>>Let her know.>>Do you want to give them my phone number?>>Yeah definitely.>>201…>>Hello everyone today we are joined by Jessica Hendrickson, the design director of Lion Brand Yarn.>>Hello! >>Thank you so much for joining us!>>I’m very excited to be here!>>I haven’t seen you Continue Reading


[Music] hey friends welcome back to my channel today I am so excited to be sharing with you guys my coffee and hot cocoa bar everything here was purchased from the Dollar Tree or target dollar spot so SuperDuper affordable lots of fun whether it’s for you your kids grandkids Continue Reading

✂️DIY Earrings & a 📿 pendant 💎out of a used tea 🕯 light holder

hi every but today I’m going to show you how to make earrings and a pendant using an empty tea light that’s right I said an empty tea light so let’s get started so now I’m wearing the set of earrings and the pendant that I made using an empty Continue Reading

10 DIY Decor Project for White Living Room

When you can’t decide what colour will be the best backdrop for your living room, you can always rely on white as it is clean, serene, and easy to the eyes. However, it can be stark too, which can make people feel reluctant to stay for a while. The good Continue Reading

Knit without Needles at AR Workshop! – Tea with Shira #65

>>And if you’re drinking wine.>>And if you’re drinking wine! Which we are today! No, we’re not.>>Tea or wine?>>Or are we?>>It is 10 am! (music) Hey everybody! Today we are actually on location. We are in North Carolina and I am joined by Maureen and Adria, cofounders of AR Workshop. Thank Continue Reading

17 Things I wish I put on MY Bridal Registry!

– Hey, guys, so over the years many of you have asked me about bridal registries, what to put on them, what do you really need? So this year I celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it? I know, 19 years goes by in a blink. So I Continue Reading

DIY Book Covers to Match Your Room Decor

Hardcover books are common home decor item because there’s so much you can do with them. But sometimes a nice book doesn’t match your room decor or maybe the book is getting a little bit beat up and needs a facelift. Well on this weeks tidbit, I’m going to show Continue Reading

Thrifter’s Haul (Coffee Table)

Hi Lovelies! It’s me Cherie with LiveLoveLatte and thanks for joining me for this collaboration video. It’s been raining all day long so I thought I ‘d do the introduction here inside my car. I’m outside of Savers, and I’ve been invited by Denise from Be My Guest with Denise. Continue Reading

Coffee Table with Storage – 2017 Pallet Up Cycle Challenge (English subtitles)

Hello! I welcome you to another DIY video! My today’s project is my entry in the 2017 Pallet Up Cycle Challenge, the global competition for pallet wood crafts. I am gonna show you how to make a wooden table – chest. For my project I’ll need two (2) pallets. At Continue Reading