Easy Cold Brew Coffee at Home

How to Cold Brew Coffee About 8 ounces 9 cups water Sit out 12 hours or refrigerate 24 hours Coffee filter God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid Alright You want to see how it tastes? Yeah. It might be a good shot with that stirrer Continue Reading

How to Make a Washi Tape Mug | Sophie’s World

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world. Today I have a little craft for you that was inspired by RaChil at cwaftyblog and she made this cute adorable washi tape mug. And I thought that looks like fun so I started playing with the materials and i think I’m Continue Reading

Clevercoffee — The new Coffee Shop in Cardiff Bay

Last year we saw the exciting tender to do all the conference and events here at Techniquest, so we bid for it and luckily won, and that has led us to opening this lovely new coffee shop, Clevercoffee. We think we’ve brought something different. Everything is home-made, our salads and Continue Reading

Matcha Chocolate Ganache Bars/ Nama choco Recipe 抹茶の生チョコの作り方

Salut!This is Emojoie! Today’s recipe is matcha chocolate ganache bar that can be made without oven. This recipe can be made simply by mixing ingredients. The amount of indredients are written collectively in the description of this video. Also you can see the ingredients of regular chocolate ganache in there. Continue Reading

How To Make Bullet Proof Coffee || Butter & Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe

Bulletproof Coffee [How Do You Do] Boil up some water Grind up your favorite coffee beans 1 tablespoon grass fed butter 1 tablespoon coconut oil Pour coffee into mug with butter and coconut oil Blend for 30 to 45 seconds Please Subscribe : )

Beth’s Homemade Coffee Cake Recipe | ENTERTAINING WITH BETH

– Hey guys, so spring always seems to be the time of year where everybody is inspired to host a brunch, so chances are you might get invited to one, or you might be hosting one of your own, and if you are and you need to whip up a Continue Reading

I Dyed My Pants With Tea.

Hey everyone. This week I learned how to dye fabric with tea. That’s right, the tea that you drink you can also use to dye fabric. It’s a super handy skill to know and will help you in thousands of different circumstances. Say for instance you need to make an Continue Reading

Stitch+Brew Cold Brew Coffee

hello I’m Lincoln Wingerd and this is my wife Rachel and we own a coffee and coffee accessory company called Stitch and Brew we’re excited to share with you how to use our handmade cold brew filters to make your own cold brew at your home now let’s start making Continue Reading

JUN is Kombucha made with Green Tea and Honey

Hi! Welcome back to Better Done Yourself today on Better Done Yourself? Jun! Jun is an interesting drink that has kind of coming to being. there’s some you know as all these things there’s some kind of it’s shrouded in mystery that you know the to the Tibetan monks used Continue Reading

Rhode Island Coffee Milk ~ Torani Friday

Hi everyone, welcome back to the kitchen and another installment of Tirana Friday today We’re going to visit an American regional favorite coffee milk This is a drink that hails from Rhode Island has a long and rich heritage up there and it’s usually made with one of two different Continue Reading