What I usually think about when I think about diversity in the soil is actively aerated compost teas, but before we get to that as a bigger topic, I just want to remind people and talk about the idea of facultative anaerobes. Which are basically things that can operate in Continue Reading

The Science of Coffee | Big Ag Episode 2

Welcome to Big Agriculture, a series where I chronicle the most important agricultural crops in the world. You can check out the first video in the series, about maize, by clicking the card in the top right, or clicking the link in the description. Today, I’ll be talking about a Continue Reading

Growing Flower Gardens : How to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Hi, this is Yolanda from And in this segment, we’re going to learn about how to use used coffee grounds in the garden. So I really believe in organic gardening and not using any chemicals or any additives or preservatives or body parts and bodily fluids in my garden. Continue Reading