Holiday Hot Cocoa Stand Scam | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Tis the season and we’re at the store selling hot cocoa And goodies galore, how about a peppermint stick if you were their customer? What would you do how many marshmallows two holiday if Santa’s little helpers Tried to swindle you It’s Christmas time, of course But would you make Continue Reading

How To Make Hot Cocoa | Easy Chocolate Sauce | Delicious

Hey Cookaholics Chef Kendra here and today i’m show you how to make hot cocoa so lets you and I head in the kitchen and make it happen we have cocoa powder we have cinnamon we have salt we have milk we have sugar and we have vanilla extract hey Continue Reading

Hot Cocoa Recipe | Keto, Paleo, Low-Carb

How to Make the Best Cheap Hot Cocoa Possible

Let’s face it. Bargain hot cocoa powder kinda sucks. It’s lumpy, it’s too thin, and the flavor is so-so at best. But no one wants to spend a fortune on expensive hipster hot cocoa mix so we’ve put together the best science-backed pro-tips to get the most out of your Continue Reading

Life is better with Hot Cocoa Powder Mix

these are the ingredients that you’re going to use one whole box of instant nonfat dry milk there’s twenty five point six ounces here then we have unsweetened cocoa and there’s four and a quarter cups here this is a chocolate drink mix that you would use with milk and Continue Reading

How To Use Cocoa Butter: A Keto Chocolate Superfood