Harvesting methods | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

Harvesting methods Do you prefer ripe fruit, or does the slight astringency of early fruit appeal to you more? I’m here with you today to describe the two main methods of harvesting coffee cherries: the picking method requires the selection of perfectly ripe and whole stone fruits. Slow Food plantations Continue Reading

How to grind coffee into the ground coffee container on the De’Longhi Dedica Grinder KG520.M

Fit the coffee bean container turning it clockwise to interlock. Remove the lid and add the coffee beans. Only use the amount of beans needed, as a rough guide use a tablespoon of beans per cup. Close the lid pushing down firmly. Set the number of cups required using the Continue Reading

Setting the grinders and your perfect espresso with Maestosa

First use – Setting the grinders and your perfect espresso Before preparing your favourite coffee drinks, it’s essential to make a few espressos first to ensure the internal system is operating at its optimum – This is a great time to adjust the grinder settings and the espresso parameters to Continue Reading

Coffee and milk | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

Coffee and milk This morning do you want a cappuccino or a latte? It’s thought that the pairing of coffee and milk was invented in Vienna in 1600, made using coffee abandoned by the Turks in the camps from the long siege around the Austrian city. The best combinations I Continue Reading

How to descale your De’Longhi Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95 bean-to-cup coffee machine

when DESCALING NEEDED” is displayed you should follow the descaling procedure as soon as you can. Always use De’Longhi descaler for the best results. If the descaling procedure is interrupted you will have to start the process again. Extract the water tank, remove the filter if it is there and Continue Reading

Hints and tips for your De’Longhi Dinamica Plus ECAM 370.95 bean-to-cup coffee machine

keep your coffee beans fresh never overfill the beans container and try different blends and origins to preheat the internal system and your cups at the same time by performing a rinse cycle into the cups you will use three personalized your favorite recipes with the app and find your Continue Reading

How to use your De’Longhi ESAM 04.110.S or ESAM 04.110.B for the first time

[Music] using the appliance for the first time [Music] remove the water tank fill to the max line with fresh water then replace in the appliance you should customize water hardness as soon as possible following the instructions in the section setting water hardness turn the cappuccino maker outwards and Continue Reading