Hello! This is Riku from Riku Doing Stuff and Being Annoying. Today we’re going to taste some coffees. This is porridge. It’s morning. I haven’t had my morning coffee. Yet. This is – your name is? Carl. Yep. And your profession is? Good question. Barista. Coffee. Barista. We are today Continue Reading


Thanks smells good What the fuck is this? Guess what? You got pranked!


*pukes* Go check out Jess Woods she’s amazing Whats up youtube today we are going to be Experimenting with the miracle Berry it’s basically this little pill you put in your mouth And then just let it sit in your mouth, and then it makes everything taste Completely different it Continue Reading

World’s Hottest Pepper Challenge: Carolina Reaper

Today we eat the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper. Let’s do that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning. – It is not a Good Mythical Morning, it is a bad Mythical Morning for us. I am not happy. Not one bit. Okay, last year, about a year Continue Reading

One Pepper You Should Never Grow in Your Home Garden

Alright, this is John Kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for you. I’m here in my backyard garden sitting next to my pepper bed. In this bed which is approximately 4 feet by 8 feet, I’ve got eight different varieties of peppers and four plants of each Continue Reading

WOULD YOU LIKE IT HOT OR COLD?! How to say in Japanese how you like it.

It’s cold so I will have a hot one. Got it! A cold one please. Would you like it hot or cold? Hot please, my lady. Hello everyone… wait. – I was too late. Hello everyone this is Cathy Cat – And Misato. Let’s learn today’s Japanese. Today we have… Continue Reading