What is Rock Rhyme (Yan Yun) in Tea? – TOP LEVEL GOLDEN TURTLE OOLONG

Don Mei : Hey teaheads! This is Don from Mei Leaf. In this video : What Is “Rock Rhyme” In Tea? In this video I’m going to be celebrating my birthday with an ultra-special Yan Cha rock Oolong, and I’m going to be trying to give you my thoughts and Continue Reading

The history of tea: how to make tea the Russian way | Documentary

Hundreds of years of tea-drinking in Russia mean that there’s a 1001 ways of consuming it. And yes… drinking tea with pickles is just one of them. Before the arrival of tea to 17th century Russia, people would drink various herbal infusions called vzvar. For different regions these herbs were Continue Reading

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea | Talk Becky Talk

Welcome to Drinks Tube I’m Becky a YouTuber with a massive love of tea, if you hadn’t guessed. You can check my YouTube channel out Talk Becky Talk in the info box below. Now, today I’m gonna’ show you how to prepare loose leaf tea. So what is loose leaf Continue Reading


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Sip along Chinese steamed green tea | Jie Cha tasting | ZhenTea

and check the additional information for more about… Aiyo! Hi everybody, welcome back to a ZhenTea tasting. Today’s tea is super exciting I cannot wait to dive into it with you. I first encountered it … I first heard about it while Zhen and her mom were in China this Continue Reading

How to Make Green Tea by Smith Teamaker

How to make green tea Bring water to 190 degrees Farenheight Place teabag to water Steep for 3 minutes Remove the tea Don’t squeeze the teabag Cheers, Smith Teamaker

TEA MASTERCLASS: How Long Should You Brew Tea?

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Should I Use Tea Bags or Loose Leaf Tea?

– The question is, should I use teabags or loose-leaf tea? Okay, don’t get too hung up on this. Yes, loose-leaf tea will always give you a better cup of tea than teabags, there’s no question about it whatsoever. What tea needs is space to brew, and loose-leaf tea allows Continue Reading

Twinings Tea Review

Hey, my name is Jo Roderick. If you drink Twinings tea, this video will be of interest to you. In general, I don’t consume copious amounts of caffeine. Since I’m nearly 48 and three quarters young, I’m forever trying to lose my baby fat. The short of it is that Continue Reading

10 Step Tea Tasting | How to Taste Tea Like a Pro

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