How to Carbonate a Flat Beverage – Soda, Water or Any Beverage You Need Fizzy

How to carbonate a flat beverage If you’re interested in carbonating your own beverages at home or bringing sodas that have lost their fizziness back from the dead, this do-it-yourself carbonation method is easier, more versatile, and less expensive to use than over-the-counter carbonation machines. All you’ll need is a Continue Reading

Gadgets NEWS !!! Túbereka Portable Pressure Brew Coffee Maker Mug

enjoy your coffee how and when you like it with two Baraka the portable coffeemaker that provides the coffee the brewer and the cup through your java right away by adding grounds and water at the same time or use the vacuum release system to make fresh coffee on the Continue Reading

How make a wonderful Cup of Tea sharing with Friends are you agree for this sty lo Machine


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today, as you know, it’s the holiday season! So we’re gonna be making something holiday themed, something to keep up warm! We’re gonna be making some hot cocoa! And, for the first on Nerdy Nummies, we’re gonna be making those cute Continue Reading

How to Make the Best Cheap Hot Cocoa Possible

Let’s face it. Bargain hot cocoa powder kinda sucks. It’s lumpy, it’s too thin, and the flavor is so-so at best. But no one wants to spend a fortune on expensive hipster hot cocoa mix so we’ve put together the best science-backed pro-tips to get the most out of your Continue Reading

ベリーアイス・タルト・ショコラの作り方 Berry ice cream cocoa tart

Berry Ice Cream Tart Everyone, cacao ~∴∵ゞ(´ω`*)♪ Recently, I tried making a variety of ice creams. When I first started this, it became watery or a monotonous taste, so they were not good щ(´□`)щ But this time, after practicing a lot, finally I made a good one. So I will Continue Reading

How to make Chocolate Brownies using Cocoa

Greetings Gastronauts, this is Keef Cooks, I’m Keef and today I’m going to show you how to make lovely chewy gooey chocolate brownies. RECIPE FOR CHOCOLATE BROWNIES MADE WITH COCOA NOT CHOCOLATE! The written / printable version of this recipe is here: Chocolate brownies were invented at the back Continue Reading

How to make delicious cold brew using our cold brew filter packets!

Hi! I’m here to show you how easy and mess-free it is to make cold brew coffee concentrate using White Cane Coffees cold brew filter packet. First, tear open the bag keeping the filter packet fresh then place the filter packet filled with your coffee of choice in a pitcher Continue Reading

How To Make Chai Tea! + Recipe & Benefits!

In many parts of the world chai is simply the word for tea. However, in the Western world, the word chai has become synonymous with a type of fragrant, spicy Indian tea more accurately referred to as masala chai. What’s more, this beverage may have benefits for heart health, digestion Continue Reading

HOW TO MAKE OAT MILK | not slimy + secret trick

– We’re going back to basics today with a recipe that you guys have been requesting for months, and that’s oat milk. Oat milk has really taken the world by storm over the last couple of years and surged in popularity. And you’ve probably seen it at your local market, Continue Reading