4-Ingredient Hot Cocoa Food Gift

[ MUSIC ] Look at these gorgeous gifts. You know, I love a do it yourself food gift. They’re super fun to make. So delicious to give. Yes. I love them and you know what, you can fill them with practically anything. We have nut mix in this one. Love Continue Reading

How to make an Absolut Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail | Recipe

Espresso Myths: The God Shot

we’ve heard people talking about “God shots” and I can give you a little history on where that comes from actually there is a famous early coffee writer his name is Chris Tacey and he had a blog that was called “God shot” and I am pretty sure that is Continue Reading

Espresso Myths: Freshness

another myth that we deal with all the time is freshness and, it makes sense like, you want everything to be fresh, and in cooking freshness is generally a great thing and, it’s true for coffee as well but it’s the degree to which people focus on this where it Continue Reading

Espresso Myths: Magical Crema

we’ve been making coffee for a long time and there’s always been some common myths or ideas that people get hung up on yeah there’s there’s quite a few I think maybe one of the first things that we were talking about earlier was a these crema myths you really Continue Reading

Weigh Your Espresso

Big issues that people have at home when they are making espresso and the issues they come to us with, most of them stem from just not paying enough attention to the recipe there are, there is like real blocks there about, “I want to do this, I want to Continue Reading

Espresso Myths: Precision Tamping

Tamping, I think a lot of people will tell you out there that you should always be tamping with thirty pounds of pressure that’s kind of the magical number somehow that exists out there and, really the idea behind tamping is to make sure that your making this flat, compact Continue Reading

What Is Espresso?

Simply defined, espresso is a coffee brewing method where a small amount of near-boiling water is forced through finely ground coffee under pressure. To be more specific, after the barista has dosed the coffee into the portafilter basket, leveled it out and tamped it into a condensed cake commonly refered Continue Reading

How to make an Absolut Espresso Martini Cocktail | Recipe

Coffee Painting : Amazing Use of Coffee in Poster Color Painting for Wall Decoration

How to make a nice Coffee Painting of Lord Ganesha Things You Need… Water & Coffee, Color & Palette, Sticks, Paint, Pencil, Sketch Pens, White Paper, Adhesive Take the white paper and use a brush to apply the coffee mixture on the paper as shown. Now add darker coffee shades Continue Reading