SOFTEST Idlis & Crunchiest VADAS at Brahmins’ Coffee Bar|Delicious South Indian Breakfast |Bengaluru

I’ve never tasted an idli, as soft, and as melt in the mouth as that! Mmmh! Having feasted on that Idli Vada and Khara Bath, I can’t wait to tuck into this Kesari Bath. I’m in Shankarapura, South Bengaluru, and I’m here to breakfast at a legendary institution. Serving only Continue Reading

Gourmet On The Road Update | Brahmins’ Coffee Bar | How Did We Plan The Dosa Trail: Viewer Query

Hi folks. Welcome to another GOTR or Gourmet On The Road update and we are at… … Brahmins’ Coffee Bar. You know, I’ve been 20 years in this city and this is my first visit here. And in a manner of speaking I’m embarrassed for actually not making it here Continue Reading