Cold Coffee कोल्ड कॉफी

Take a mixer and pour one glass of milk in it. Add six to seven cubes of ice. Since We are making two glasses of cold coffee – Add two spoons of sugar Add 1 teaspoon of coffee of any brand Start Churning the mixer and churn for a little Continue Reading

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : 10 Biscuits You Have With Tea!

So, I thought I will do something fun. What do you like drinking… what do you like eating with tea? What’s your favourite thing to eat? – Biscuits. Biscuits? – Yeah? Okay. That’s normal. Awesome. Toast. One guy’s like toast, bro? Toast? What kind of toast? Normal toast? Cheese toast? Continue Reading

Pen Ondru Kandein – Tamil Short Film (2014)

Dude, I am very scared Arun, listen to me carefully This is a very risky proposition Even if there is a small mistake, your life will end That’s the reason why I am nervous. Simi, you need to help me. Aaaiyee…. There’s no prOblem. We’ll figure it out! Finding a Continue Reading

The history of tea – Shunan Teng

During a long day spent roaming the forest in search of edible grains and herbs, the weary divine farmer Shennong accidentally poisoned himself 72 times. But before the poisons could end his life, a leaf drifted into his mouth. He chewed on it and it revived him, and that is Continue Reading

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian – Flirting, Coffee & First Dates

I think coffee date is the worst way to meet someone. Because you can’t just take one sip and be like, “Hey, you know what, I hate you.” And you can’t leave. It’s actually a self imposed jail. It’s a very bad idea. Also, problem is if you come early, Continue Reading

Green Tea Vs Milk Tea (Black Tea) Effect On Weight Loss | Best Weight Loss Diet Plan

benefits of green tea Milk tea uses of green tea for diabetic patients

Atomy Cafe Arabica Coffee Mix

Atomy Cafe Arabica

Romantic Comedy Tamil Shortfilm | Delhi Ganesh | Nee Naan Coffee With English Subtitles

-Grandpa? -grandpa?? -GRANDPAA? -HMM? -here,take your coffee! -thought the hero might romance with heroine, NAH!this is kinda different one -It’s already 8:30,what you still doing there inside? -coming! -this is our grandpa,goes walking , jogging and also cooks early.. -in the morning for his grandson’s lunch! -dear,you ready?It’s getting late! Continue Reading

VOX POP India | Tea vs Coffee | On The Way

Episode 4 | AB de Villiers | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Have you thought about then coming back and playing the World Cup in 2023? That’s out there. How old will I be? 39. That’s a story! I’ll come back if MS is still around. Hey, listen! With MS also you never know. Yeah. If I’m still good enough, who knows, Continue Reading