16 Expensive Things You Need to Buy to Save Money

Everything you buy has a price and a value. Sometimes spending more money than you think you should at first, can save you some serious cash in the long run. Here’s a list of items that are evidence of how that rule works in real life. 1. Thermostatic shower faucet Continue Reading

the one thing i hate about coffee…

No, I’m not okay. Thanks for asking. I was-( DOG BARKS). Just shut up, please can you just shut it please? If you’re wondering where I just came from I just came from the dentist ummmm You know I never really hated the dentist before it was fine. You know Continue Reading

✔ Minecraft: 50 Table Design Ideas

HOW TO MAKE SOME TABLES Hello again! In this video I’ll show you some of my go-to tables! It’s going to be a mix of modern and classic tables. Like with this table, I’ll often use string to make carpet float. This one is one of my favorites. Most of Continue Reading

Coffee with Sister Vassa Ep.2 (St. Theodora/Sept.11)

(Sretensky monastery choir sings Ps 33: I will bless the Lord at every hour, His praise is always in my lips… Hi. I’m Sister Vassa, and I’m back, having my coffee before I go to work today, here in Vienna, Austria. It’s the 2nd week in September, and before I Continue Reading