10 International Fast Food Items America Is Desperate To Try

Globalization has reached the far ends of the earth. And with it, some of the renowned food chains have made their mark in international waters, though not without needing to adjust to the food preferences in different countries other than America. Depending on the country, the typical US fast food Continue Reading


why are so many fascist monuments still standing in Italy somebody on Twitter showed me this article that was written in the New York Times and it was essentially this article talking about all the fascist monuments that are still standing in Italy and I read it because you know Continue Reading

I’m cold

I’m cold. Just in case your new here Hi! I’m Echo. and I’m actually an American who just moved to England [cheesy montage music] and then we’ll put a sexy montage right there The thing is I moved here from Phoenix, Arizona which is actually one of the hottest cities Continue Reading

Coffee and Conversation | Arizona State University

Coffee and Conversation is an event that we have here every Friday. We come together, we drink some coffee, we talk, we try to have some discussion. When you come here and you can learn a lot about the cultures of different international students. You get to try food from Continue Reading

Episode 4 | AB de Villiers | Breakfast with Champions Season 6

Have you thought about then coming back and playing the World Cup in 2023? That’s out there. How old will I be? 39. That’s a story! I’ll come back if MS is still around. Hey, listen! With MS also you never know. Yeah. If I’m still good enough, who knows, Continue Reading