Inside Colombia’s Beauty Pageant for Indigenous Trans Women

A Barista Guesses People’s Coffee Orders Out Of A Lineup

yeah fists yes wait I want to switch there we go okay I feel hi everyone I’m Kelsey and welcome to my cafe I’ve been a barista for like a little bit over three years now and I’m so excited to have you on my new space so today I’m Continue Reading


Okay, first number one. You sing it to Yankee Doody Dandy. Patriots have come to town to save the constitution. Take away our liberty and bring a revolution. Tyrant Congress leave us be. Patriots, defenders, we declare our liberty and never will surrender. Second verse! Do we have a second Continue Reading

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee With Rob Dunne

Tea | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 15 | Kids Try | Cut

♫ Pizza, it’s a next day ♫ Hot, hot tamales What? Can I open my eyes? It smells super good! Yay, something good! Cinnamon-y stuff. Oh my god, I wanna try it. It’s not good though. (crew laughs) – Warm milk, warm water, hot cocoa, oh yeah. Yeah, that’s probably Continue Reading

Best Friends Spill the Tea (LaurDIY & Mia Sayoko) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– What would it take for us to have sex? – Two mil. – Anyone wanna pay? – [Man] Hi. – Hello. – Hey boy. – [Man] Who are you guys? – Best friends. (they laugh) – I’m LaurDIY. Hey guys, what’s up, it’s Lauren, and welcome back to my Continue Reading

How-To Make Kombucha

and it kind of looks and feels a bit strange and slimy and stuff doesn’t look super appealing no actually it might like it because you might have some nice and bacterias on your on your fingers that like something nice to be with yeah I think it likes to Continue Reading

How to Pour Over Coffee With Sommer Santoro

you want to go slowly in a circle and it’s going to start bubbling up and this is the bloom this is the oh my god there’s a fight happening outside it’s like what else can be random things can happen [Music] hi I’m summer from black gold and today Continue Reading

Best Coffee Shops in London, Ontario: Café Crawl

Hi my name is Steph and I like my coffee black, like my soul. And I’m Connor Malbeuf and I don’t like my coffee black, but we are in London, Ontario checking out the hottest coffee shops. First one, Locomotive Espresso at the corner of Colbourne and Paul Mall. Whats Continue Reading