Установка Cocoa Pods. Install

HI guys my name is Kirill Lukyanov Welcome to my channel for the study of swift programming language today we talk about install Cocoapods library that we need today? we need install package cocoapods execute command “sudo gem install cocoapods” in terminal application on your mac Now we can connect Continue Reading

Om Nom Stories: Mad Tea Party (Episode 30, Cut the Rope: Magic)

[Om Nom’s yelling] [Aww!] [Playing music] [Aaah!]

Easy Apple Device Management with Jamf Now

Different teams have different needs. How does a construction company access digital blueprints and email to quickly communicate about projects on-site? How does the coffee shop on the corner provide a way for its customers to easily purchase their morning latte and bagel? Or how does the doctor ensure their Continue Reading

Don’t Spill the Coffee! [Annoying Orange Plays]

– [Annoying Orange] You’re drinking it all! What’s even happening? (Energized music) Hey, yo it’s A to O back again with another gaming video! And look what we’re playing! It’s called, Don’t Spill Your Coffee! Also, Don’t Spill the Beans. Also, you know beans, beans, the magic fruit, the more Continue Reading

Google Duo | Coffee & Cream

CREAM: Stan! So how did it go? COFFEE: Couldn’t be worse. Couldn’t be worse. She says I keep her up all night. What is that? Like I’m some sort of annoying cricket chirping way outside of her window? CREAM: Hey, dude, breathe. I’m sure she meant it in a nice Continue Reading

Ember Mug — $150 of crazy coffee AWESOMENESS

– So we pay way too much for our coffee. – [Man] Drink overpriced coffee. – There you go, that’s $37 – Awesome! – This coffee right here, the coffee was free. The mug, $150 If you’re like me, there are a couple things you need first thing in the Continue Reading