Basics of Brewing Tea : Brewing Chinese Green Tea

Alright, now let’s talk about the specific steeping instructions for green tea from China. What we have over here is a Jasmine pearl green tea. You can see the leaves are rolled into these little balls. Basically, you are going to use a tea spoon of these pearls and that Continue Reading

Unboxing Kirkland / Costco – Japanese green tea – Matcha

Presenting to you unboxing of products ordered from Kirkland / Costco store 🙂 🙂 Trail Mix Quaker Oats Pistachio Matcha Tea 🙂 🙂 Mega Omega Trail mix – has walnuts,dried mango, almonds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds. Super for snacking 🙂 Made in JAPAN. 100 tea bags. Easy to make. Premium nylon Continue Reading

Matcha Green Tea Sweets In Kamakura,Japan ! Best Dessert For Adults !

123 JAPAN! 我是Mana, 我是1,2, Mr. 3 我們現在在鎌倉市 鎌倉的抹茶甜點 在日本非常有名 我超喜歡綠茶甜點的 哦! 老女人 不! 現在, 所有年輕女孩都喜歡抹茶甜點 真的嗎? 我的觀念是老舊的 不好意思… 我想是的 我想打架! (比較) 好哦, 來吧! (打架??) (他有時會嚇到我…) 哪一個最棒? 好哦 我們現在在等麵包 我們現在有很多時間 所以 你可以先去 並找找好吃的甜點 我選的會是 超美味食物 我有信心 真的嗎? 當然是真的! 我也有信心 (打架~?!) (今天的比賽: 找到最美味的抹茶點心的人獲勝) 出發吧! 我在小町通 這裡有超多抹茶店 但我有個問題 下雨了 哦我的天啊 Mana有雨傘 哦?! 這是間抹茶甜點店! Continue Reading

ジョージアクロス 和-STYLE / Coffee × Green tea

GEOGEA × GREEN. Coffee containing Uji Macha. Hello. It’s today’s “Snack Time”. Today I’m going to try something I’ve been interested in for a while. Coffee containing Uji Macha. I’m really interested in this coffee containing green tea. Coffee containg green tea,,, What does it taste like? not that green… Continue Reading

How to Make MATCHA CASTELLA (Japanese Green Tea Sponge Cake)

hi guys today we are going to be making a match of Virgin Obama Japanese kake kut’r I promise to make a magic estera for you guys today is the day let’s get started today she need is not here he will come back tomorrow so I will make alone Continue Reading

Want to Become SMARTER? Drink GREEN TEA!

Coffee, vitamins, brain boosting substances, people use all kinds of stuff to become smarter and perform better at work or school. But what if I told you that the key was actually green tea? Green tea has a wide array of health benefits due to its abundance of antioxidants and Continue Reading

【2016年福袋開封】 コーヒービーン&ティーリーフ☆初の福袋☆これは当たり!~The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  中身ネタバレ コーヒーショップ

オリジナルマグカップRサイズ 1000円

【2016年福袋開封】 コーヒービーン&ティーリーフ☆初の福袋☆これは当たり!~The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  中身ネタバレ コーヒーショップ

オリジナルマグカップRサイズ 1000円

Coffee, Tea or Me? [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]

مرحبا سيدي اتريد القهوه او شاي او… انا؟ شاي من فضلك ام سيدي هل سمعتني؟ لقد سالت اذا انت تريد القهوه او شاي او.. انا؟ وانا قلت شاي من فضلك.” اخترني”! …لكن انا اريد شاي. هل تكرهني سيدي؟ لا,انا فقط اريد شاي. انا امر فقط بيوم سيء وانت بسببك اصبح Continue Reading