Give Yourself Some Grace: Real Talk with Coffee

Hi folks! Marie here for some real talk with coffee, and I want to talk today about giving yourself grace. I was talking to a Create Balance community member recently and we were talking about forgiving yourself; and she was talking about the importance of forgiving herself for not being Continue Reading

Salad Fingers 1: Spoons

(music starts) Hello, (heavy breathing) I like rusty spoons, a-a-an-and I like to touch them (laughs) the feeling of rust Against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic (laughs) I must find the perfect spoon (sound of walking) (ding) (scratching) uh H-Hello there young child. I’m here to inquire about your Continue Reading

Minecraft Daycare – TEA !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

[Captions by Y Translator] Hey there guys, before this video begins if you’re not subscribed already hit that subscribe button and then hit that notification bell next to the subscribe button so you never miss a single video. Without further wasting your time, let’s get into today’s video. Welcome to Continue Reading

The Smoothie Challenge! *GOOD vs. GROSS* Learn DIY Edible Real Gummy Food Sour Candy Drink How To

How to Make a Washi Tape Mug | Sophie’s World

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world. Today I have a little craft for you that was inspired by RaChil at cwaftyblog and she made this cute adorable washi tape mug. And I thought that looks like fun so I started playing with the materials and i think I’m Continue Reading

Guess Her Age Challenge (TikTok Girls)

today we’re doing the guess her age challenge only with tick-tock girls now if I win the challenge I get to kiss her on the lips and if I win I get to slap you as hard as I want come on before we start this game Demi why don’t Continue Reading

Boundaries: Real Talk with Coffee

Hi folks! Marie here for some real talk with coffee. I just wanted to hop in today to say that nobody can respect boundaries that they don’t know. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot; I have talked to a lot of people about setting boundaries, figuring out what Continue Reading