Coffee Break with Researchers – Danny MacKinnon: Rethinking Path Creation

Our coffee breaks with researchers aim to spread knowledge about regional development and innovation. By sending a camera around the world we present you with different angles and insights on the topic. We ask researchers directly and in a personal manner about their work. We want to make scientific knowledge Continue Reading

Thanking a Thousand People for a Single Cup of Coffee

(whimsical music) – [Host] Over two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day, and it take a lot of people to make just one cup. One man went on a quest to figure out what it’s like to thank each and every one of them. A.J. Jacobs is a Continue Reading

Coffee, Tea or Me? [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]

مرحبا سيدي اتريد القهوه او شاي او… انا؟ شاي من فضلك ام سيدي هل سمعتني؟ لقد سالت اذا انت تريد القهوه او شاي او.. انا؟ وانا قلت شاي من فضلك.” اخترني”! …لكن انا اريد شاي. هل تكرهني سيدي؟ لا,انا فقط اريد شاي. انا امر فقط بيوم سيء وانت بسببك اصبح Continue Reading

Coffee Expert Reviews Pumpkin Spice Lattes

It’s kind of fall so today we will be reviewing the pumpkin spice latte. America’s long tradition of combining sugar and artificial flavors. Oh, yea. Super orange. The aroma you really do get nutmeg. And I love nutmeg. It might be a prison drug, but I don’t look down on Continue Reading