Moringa Monday Podcast 01 – Jason Rashidnia

we’re we’re also audio audio is good right here your voice carries yeah I got a deep voice great welcome we’re having our Moringa Monday shake we had put some Moringa powder and our smoothies yeah we have mmm a lot of bananas which is great that’s delicious mmm good Continue Reading

Compost Tea Recipe to Grow BIG Vegetables Revealed

JOHN KOHLER: Alright, this is John Kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for you and I’m on yet another field trip. No, sorry guys, not in my garden teaching you guys about gardening stuff, but this is going to be an important episode for you guys that Continue Reading

Top 2 Ways to Apply Compost Tea to Your Garden for Best Results

Alright, this is John Kohler with I have another exciting episode for you coming out of my bountiful front yard garden—my pepper plants are doing amazing. I got some huge peppers, like huger than I’ve ever had, growing this year. And the reason I’m excited for this episode is Continue Reading

Fast Food Coffee Taste Test

– I love coffee like I am obsessed with coffee. – On average, I would drink about four to five cups a day. – I’m a true man of Dunkin’ Donuts who is the only winner right here. – Dunkin’ Donuts is my jam, okay? Starbucks tastes like a homeless Continue Reading

Flying a Drone in a coffee shop… (Definitely Clickbait)

– We’re gonna fly a drone in a coffee shop. (smooth stomp echoes) We just found this dope location in Princeton. We’re just scouting. Got this cool lake behind me. Waterfalls. We’re gonna fly some drones over it. (smooth electronic music) Drone’s in the air, but the issue is that Continue Reading

How to engrave a reusable coffee cup property marking tutorial

[ENGRAVING NOISE] Hello my name is Neil welcome back to the Happy Hut thanks for clicking clacking? on this video! Ttoday it’s a bit of a strange one I’m going to be engraving this reusable coffee cup with this reusable engraving tool I don’t know what you call it is Continue Reading