welcome to Bachelor’s Cooking Today we will tech you how to prepare “Blue Berry Muffins” For this i have fresh Blue Berries and i have crush them in the mixer if you want you can use either Syrup or Crush Blue Berries. Apart from that what all ingredients are required Continue Reading


Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen. Is it a mid morning pick me up? Is it a creamy delight? Well its a bit of both. So join me today as i make my version of a cappuccino thick shake. We are going to start of with our coffee now you Continue Reading

Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Mix, ~ Gift in a Jar ~ The Holidays are Coming ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Marjaisa Pavlova / Berry Pavlova RECIPE (eng / fin)

I have 4 eggwhites here whisk them into a soft foam now that it’s foamy if you turn the bowl around the foam won’t fall off of it add half of the sugar mix potato starch to rest of the sugar and add the mixture to the foam add lemon/lime Continue Reading

How to Make A Christmas Cake – The Victorian Way

Come on Mary-Anne, when you’ve finished those you’ve got all these to do as well. Good morning. Today, we’re making Lord and Lady Braybrooke’s Christmas cake. I’m using one of my favourite plum cake recipes. It’s got a lot of dried cherries in it. For this recipe you will need Continue Reading

Seared Skirt Steak with Berry Sauce | Fit to Eat | MPB

(music) Hello everyone. Chef Rob Stinson from Fit to Eat with another healthy meat and potatoes episode. We’re also cooking up brussel sprouts. I know what you’re thinking. Gross! Brussel sprouts? But give them a chance. You’ll be surprised how delicious and healthy they are. We’ll take a quick break. Continue Reading

Berry Breakfast Bake | Holiday Recipe | Albertsons

When I’m having company stay this time of year I like to have a homemade breakfast ready to go that’s super simple That way I can spend more time with my guests My solution is a Berry Breakfast Bake with a mason jar blackberry maple syrup It’s so delicious. You’re Continue Reading

Cocoa Zucchini Bread with Vanilla Peach Marmalade

So we’re going to start off with dry ingredients. So what are we using? Dry ingredients. So you’ve got your flour. So two and a half cups. Two and a half cups of flour, that’s right. You can use whatever flour you like, I, we love using red fife flour, Continue Reading

ASMR ブラックココアロールケーキ Black Cocoa Roll Cake

Black cocoa roll cake Cacao〜!∴∵ゞ(´ω`*) Today is a unusual roll cake. Eggs separate yellow from white. Ah! Why boiled egg?(;´▽`) All right. It is calm today. Aw? “Peeled the shell of boiled eggs.” If you do, add sugar to the divided egg yolks and mix until it gets white. Make Continue Reading