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Kpop Music Monday: Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” Bloopers!

[S] With Yoseop’s “Caffeine”. (Martina sings) Girl you’re like a caffeine! (Simon snaps along) This is where that song goes in! Everyone says he says like a caffeine, but I didn’t hear the thing! Did it sound like he said like caffeine? I sure didn’t hear dat. I definitely heard Continue Reading

Caffeine use in first 8 weeks of pregnancy may increase risk of miscarriage: Study

a new study suggests caffeine intake may increase the risk of miscarriage according to researchers at the US National Institutes of Health women looking to conceive and in early pregnancy should eliminate caffeine from their diet as there is a slightly higher risk of miscarriage among those who drink two Continue Reading

New regulations requiring coffee shops to label caffeine content to be applied in 2020

Coffee shops across the nation… will be required by law to disclose the caffeine content of their beverages… starting in the first half of 2020. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced the new measures on Tuesday… aimed at preventing caffeine overdose. The new regulations stipulate… that warning labels Continue Reading

Korean gov’t to place advertising restrictions on high-caffeine products

Korea is set to place advertising restrictions on food and drinks containing high-levels of caffeine amid concerns children and teenagers are consuming too many of the products. The food ministry says the measures will start in November, and they will include banning television advertising between five and seven p.m. — Continue Reading

كوري يشرب القهوة العربية؟؟ | (ENG SUB)React to Arabic Coffee and Tea

Done? Am I inside the frame? Hi~ I’m Kim PD I’m Rafiq Kim PD is starring after a long time No it’s not that long I was in the camel riding contents – How have you been doing? – Me? I’m busy thesedays Don’t say a bulls*** Today We’ll drink Continue Reading

구독자 만명 감사🙏 오설록 녹차크레이프 케이크 먹방 10000 subscribers😍 green tea crepe cake mukbang

10,000 subscribers Thank you very much I prepared a green tea crepe cake. Green tea powder is scattered on top I don’t think the middle is melted yet I don’t feel the taste of green tea The cream is delicious It’s not sweet, but it’s good I’ve never had a Continue Reading

Profiles in Valor: F. Clifton Berry

I wanted to be a radio operator on airplanes. I had been interested in them—in radios— and my uncles had served in the Air Force during World War II. And so I enlisted for that purpose. But the Berlin Airlift was going on, and so we got sent to Germany Continue Reading

Health tonics to add caffeine content, warning on labels from 2020

now so-called health tonics sold in South Korea must change their labels to show caffeine content and warnings starting from the second half of 2020 the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety says health tonics with caffeine must have contains caffeine and people under age 15 must not consume written Continue Reading