SoDa siblings burst out crying! What’s going on? [The Return of Superman / 2017.02.12]

Soeul, try touching it. (Surprised) (Here comes snow.) (Soeul and Daeul are having fun with snow.) (Happy) Epe will get wet. (Bumsoo is making sleds.) Let’s start, Soeul and Daeul. Watch out for stones. – Watch out for stones. / – Okay. I think that’s where we can sled. This Continue Reading

Korean Girls Try American and Mexican Sodas [Jarritos, Squirt, Root Beer, Cream Soda, etc]

블루베리잼,딸기잼,오예스,허쉬파이, 허쉬쿠키 먹방 Blueberry jam, strawberry jam, big pie, hersh pie, hersh cookie mukbang

blueberry jam strawberry jam Banana & Chocolate Cream Big Pie I dropped it and the jam was gone It’s really good It’s better because it has jam Banana cream is in the middle I don’t like banana cream It’s really good to eat with blueberry jam Chocolate waffles and strawberry Continue Reading

a perfect spring day in seoul vlog | tea collective

Good moring everyone from seonjeongreung park these are Royal tombs. I believe I have brought you here before, I definitely have and today I am wearing this beautiful….. I’ll show you later but I’m wearing this beautiful summer hanbok thank god because it is so hot today these giant trees Continue Reading


Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” – KpopCharts Update


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Kpop Music Monday: Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” Bloopers!

[S] With Yoseop’s “Caffeine”. (Martina sings) Girl you’re like a caffeine! (Simon snaps along) This is where that song goes in! Everyone says he says like a caffeine, but I didn’t hear the thing! Did it sound like he said like caffeine? I sure didn’t hear dat. I definitely heard Continue Reading

Caffeine use in first 8 weeks of pregnancy may increase risk of miscarriage: Study

a new study suggests caffeine intake may increase the risk of miscarriage according to researchers at the US National Institutes of Health women looking to conceive and in early pregnancy should eliminate caffeine from their diet as there is a slightly higher risk of miscarriage among those who drink two Continue Reading

New regulations requiring coffee shops to label caffeine content to be applied in 2020

Coffee shops across the nation… will be required by law to disclose the caffeine content of their beverages… starting in the first half of 2020. The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced the new measures on Tuesday… aimed at preventing caffeine overdose. The new regulations stipulate… that warning labels Continue Reading