Cleaning the grinder – La Specialista EC 9335.M

Making espresso for the first time – La Specialista EC 9335.M

Let’s place some fresh coffee beans into the hopper. I’m using a nice medium roast. Remember, never remove the container while there are beans inside. Here, I’m going to set the dial for two espresso’s. You can do the same for a single dose too. The filters have a line Continue Reading

Meaning of Warning Lights and Solutions – La Specialista EC 9335.M

This video is an explanation of the warning lights that may come up during operation. If the water tank light is on, that means there’s not enough water in the tank or the tank is not inserted correctly. To fix this you should fill the tank and replace correctly. If Continue Reading

Setting up La Specialista for the first time – La Specialista EC 9335.M

When installing the grinder, turn it into position until it locks into place, and be careful not to turn the grinder adjustment dial. With the hot water light on, and the water tank light flashing, this indicates that we need to flush water through the system. We may hear a Continue Reading