How To Order Coffee Like A Boss [Odyssey 5]

What the hell did you just order? – Iced hazelnut mocha. Iced hazelnut mocha? – Yeah. Jesus. Sometimes I think the world ain’t worth saving. What can I get for you today? – I want a coffee, black, large. Grande? – Grande. Habla espanol? – No. Parla italiano? – I’m Continue Reading

How to Make a Large Origami Paper Crane / Bird The Green Tea Room

Alright- Jonathan

Compost Tea Recipe to Grow BIG Vegetables Revealed

JOHN KOHLER: Alright, this is John Kohler with Today we have another exciting episode for you and I’m on yet another field trip. No, sorry guys, not in my garden teaching you guys about gardening stuff, but this is going to be an important episode for you guys that Continue Reading

EXTRA LARGE BASKET for La Pavoni ☆ エクストララージバスケット

This is the original portafilter and single basket that come with La Pavoni. This is the double basket. I bought this bottomless portafilter a long time ago. I’ve been using it just like this. This time, I bought 20g basket. and I was going to use it. But it didn’t Continue Reading

Role Models (1/9) Movie CLIP – A Venti Coffee (2008) HD

Can I get a tall chai? And a large black coffee. A what? Large black coffee. Do you mean aventi?No, I mean a large. He means aventi. Yeah, the biggest one you’ve got.Ventiis large.No. Ventiis 20. Danny. Yeah. “Large” is large. In fact, “tall” is large. Andgrandeis Spanish for large.Ventiis Continue Reading