Food Stylist Vs Starbucks | How to Style a Latte for Photo | Well Done

– Good morning Food Stylist Versus fans, we are at our local Starbucks and what a better way to start a day of food styling lattes, than to get our caffeine fix and our inspiration for the day. What I want to achieve today is the images that you see Continue Reading

[ENG] cafe vlog #9 카페 브이로그 | 카페 사장 with 카페 알바 |영상미|most popular cafe drinks in korea|ASMR|KOREAcafe

Coffee wth Bob☕space heater 🔥 place☕

Well, good morning cheers to you It is 2:00 a.m It is 41 degrees here in Florida at least in my area of Florida. It’s 41 degrees The people at Florida that’s pretty darn cold, I feel like I should be out in the woods This kind of weather down Continue Reading

[ENG] cafe vlog #8 카페 브이로그 | 개인카페 알바와 사장의 일상|흑당 버블티|most popular cafe drinks in korea

7 Surprising Facts About Coffee

Are You Addicted to Coffee? Caffeine is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug It causes increased alertness by stimulating the central nervous system Case studies have shown a clinical dependance was induced “Caffeine withdrawal” is a known clinical condition with predictable symptoms I’m serious honey, your coffee is undrinkable! Continue Reading