Blooming Tea Pot Cozy

Welcome to SewVeryEasy, my name is Laura. And it’s time for a new teapot cozy, and I have quite an unusual pattern to share with you today. I’ve designed this teapot cozy to look like a blooming flower, so you’re going to need a couple pattern pieces. And both of Continue Reading

The Try Wives Reveal The Try Guys’ Best-Kept Secrets

(smooth jazz music) – Girl! (laughing) – Try Wives Wine Time! – Try Wives Wine Time! (playfully mumbles) – Cheers! (laughs) Excuse me, we are making content for the internet. Excuse me! (rock music) – [Ariel] We know all the boys’ secrets. – You want the tea? You want the Continue Reading

How to make easy cold brew dashi & recipe (Vegan dashi too!)【 Neo Japanese Cooking 】

How to make easy cold brew dashi! Hi, welcome to Neo Japanese Cooking! I’m chef KG. In this video, I will show you how to make easy cold brew dashi. If you know how to make dashi, you can use dashi for so many things in Japanese dishes. I will Continue Reading

Candy Corn Made from Corn? | How to Make Everything

This episode is sponsored by Squarespace. It’s thanks to their support that our videos like this and more are possible We just launched our new website on Squarespace I’m really impressed You can check out the link in the description if you need a website yourself get 10% off by Continue Reading

7)Top 9 KATAKANA words ! – cold beverages

How to Make a Large Origami Paper Crane / Bird The Green Tea Room

Alright- Jonathan

Learn ABC’s – Learn Letter X | Alphabet Video on Tea Time with Tayla

Hey there, Bananas! Welcome back to “Tea Time”. Today we’re going to learn about a really cool letter. Everyone hold your arms like this. Good job! This is an “X”, and that’s our letter for the day! This is a capital X. and this is a lower-case X. They look Continue Reading

Questions on a Couch with Bizzy Coffee | Cold Brew Coffee for Busy People

(upbeat music) – Yeah, we try and help the local community as much as we can. Andrew and I are personally very passionate about mentoring young people, college students, and high school students. We both participate in something called Junior Achievement where you teach elementary students. Going to college campuses, Continue Reading

WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE!!! *HOT SAUCE & SKITTLES* Eating Funky & Gross DIY Foods Candy

Word “Coffee” Came From Arabic Words ‘Qahhwat Al-Bun’ Meaning ‘Wine Of The Bean’ | Nutshell videos

Coffee is often served “with great ceremony”, and it is customary to drink two or three cups to indicate your approval of the coffee. Cup are refilled unless a gesture- shaking your cup- is made to indicate you’ve had enough. It is considered good manners for a guest to eating Continue Reading