Spillin’ The Tea: ‘Drag Race’ Queens Talk Dating & Tammie Brown’s Night In Jail | Billboard Pride

(upbeat dance music) (music fades) – Hi, welcome to Billboard’s Spillin’ the Tea. Now we’re gonna talk about boys, boys, boys. Muchachos, muchachos, muchachos. (laughter) (growling) Hi, Peru. (Ginger laughs) Anyhow, hi girlfriends. How has being in drag affected your dating life? – It sucks. – [Tammie] Really? – Yeah, Continue Reading

Bang Coffee – Keto Review (OFFICIAL Taste Test 2019!) 💥

– Malby! Get here right now! Shove this down your throat. What is going on everybody? My name is Los, this is Goody Beats. Let me explain something to you before we begin, as you see I have some special things here. I’m going to talk to you about the Continue Reading

Luke Combs – Better Together (Lyrics)

And me, as long as you’re right here And me, as long as you’re right here like good ol’ boys and beer It’s a match made up in heaven that you ain’t gonna sing? Or pouring your heart into a song if it ain’t got no strings? What’s the point Continue Reading

ASMR GREEN FOOD(날치알, 공차 밀크티, 베라 아이스크림, 마카롱) 리얼사운드 먹방 노토킹 | *NoTalking MUKPPO Eating Show mukbang

Hi everyone! I’m MUKPPO~^^ please subscribe and click the likes button ♥ I’ll try to eat ‘green food party’ today. First, I’ll have some green tea flavor bubble tea! The tapioca pearl inside is really delicious. I like bubble tea. Now I’m going to eat the flying fish roe This Continue Reading

DAY IN MY LIFE | Target run, weekend prep, & halloween!✨

Hello friends its Allison I hope you’re having a super happy day so far happy Halloween by the time you’re watching this is not gonna be helping you anymore obviously but today is Halloween I keep forgetting because it just feels like a normal day but later today we’re gonna Continue Reading

Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? | Super Simple Songs

Do you like broccoli? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like ice cream? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like broccoli ice cream? No, I don’t. Yucky! Do you like donuts? Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Do you like juice? Yes, I do. Yes, I Continue Reading

Minute Mania: The Bubble Tea Challenge

Hi, this is Alison! Hi, I’m Chiara! Hi, I’m Qing! Hi, I’m Rainier and this is Minute Mania’s Bubble Tea Challenge! Which bubble tea chain has the most outlets in Singapore? Liho? Liho! Koi. What bubble tea – Each-a-Cup? Is it? No? It’s not? Koi? Gong Cha? No, okay nevermind. Continue Reading

BEST MATCHA ICE-CREAM | Taste Testers | EP 104

PD: Hi guys! Hi! Hi! We are doing ice-cream today? Woo! It’s my favourite meal! Milo Kit Kat Basically all the chocolate right You make into ice-cream. I’m quite basic. I always go for chocolate vanilla strawberry Are you serious? Macadamia Cereal milk Her flavours damn atas one. Sea salt Continue Reading