FUEL Protein Shake in Chocolate, Vanilla and Coffee Flavors | Organic Valley

Organic Valley presents FUEL – a great tasting, high-protein drink with 20 grams of protein, 50% less sugar than before. No artificial growth hormones and always organic. Meaning never any antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs. Crazy good protein. Crazy good taste. Say hello to fuel! Great you’re still Continue Reading

Chili’s Mukbang with Shane, Ryland, & Morgan (wedding plans, Janacon, TEA)

made by kate yeeeet Mean yeah, do you want to close or do you want to be able to see all the plan? It’s Tana mojo, welcome to my channel or welcome back to my melinda. Lee not gonna do the intro down to the veterinarian kamilla So guys Tana’s Continue Reading

Starbucks VS Coffee Bean | Taste Testers | EP 109

PD: Hi guys! Hello! Hello! Oh…competition! Competition! I feel like Starbucks is super basic. *gasps in horror* You know like the basic girls, like Hey! Whatever frappucino… I want a soy latte with skimmed milk and… …yeah I want it like, grande. I want a pumpkin spice latte. Yeah, yeah. Continue Reading

Eatbook VS Famous Bubble Tea Brands | Eatbook Cooks | EP 1

Huh? What the shit! No! How much money have you been spending on bubble tea? Imagine using that money you spent making your own bubble tea. How much would you have saved? In today’s episode, our team is going to be doing something a little special. And see if we Continue Reading

We Try To Guess $1 Vs. $30 Coffee

well I’ve drank coffee for most of my life my mom used to put it in my sippy cup when I was a kid with like a lot of milk cold brew hot brew with caramel with milk half-and-half sugar everything the works I have like two to four cups Continue Reading

We Tried Everything at Playmade Bubble Tea | Eatbook Tries Everything | EP 1

So, hi Chris! Hi! Bubble tea brands. You know what’s the newest in bubble tea? The cheese tea what, no? The cheese tea? There’s a newer trend in Singapore right now. No, there isn’t. There is! This new Taiwanese brand that just landed in Singapore, And they sell flavoured pearls. Continue Reading

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : 10 Biscuits You Have With Tea!

So, I thought I will do something fun. What do you like drinking… what do you like eating with tea? What’s your favourite thing to eat? – Biscuits. Biscuits? – Yeah? Okay. That’s normal. Awesome. Toast. One guy’s like toast, bro? Toast? What kind of toast? Normal toast? Cheese toast? Continue Reading


X(singing): Sugar A: Why are my bangs above the… Tiger Sugar~ PD: Hi guys! Hi! I love bubble tea as much as I love Pika and Jaymee, the cats in our office. Huh? The same?! Yes! I love Jaymee more. Huh really? Yes. Get her out! Whoo! I knew it! Continue Reading