Cold Brew ASMR

Hello, I’m Brian. And I’m Maria. And we were going to record an ASMR video about making cold brew. But unfortunately, our microphone didn’t work. So now we’re gonna make the sounds with our mouths. Brian, Maria, you must come quickly. Who are you? I am Krembebulous, and my world Continue Reading

Close-up card magic with a twist | Lennart Green

My favorite topic is shortcuts. The master of shortcuts — it’s, of course, nature. But I will demonstrate different ways to get rid of difficulties and go to the point, to find an answer probably much quicker than Arthur did. So, first, we violate the common sense, the logic. All Continue Reading

Om Nom Stories: Mad Tea Party (Episode 30, Cut the Rope: Magic)

[Om Nom’s yelling] [Aww!] [Playing music] [Aaah!]

The Magic Solution For Gorgeous Skin And Healthy Thick Hair – Rooibos Tea – Culture Shock

Hi Guys, so we’re here again with Culture Shock, a series that brings you fitness and nutrition trends from all over the world. Now, the world is pretty huge, which is why we’ve had to keep on going. So this, is episode 3! The birthplace of this next nutrition trend Continue Reading

How to make stuff FLOAT in your photos!

– What’s up everybody? Today we’re talking about how to make objects look like they’re floating, and no Hogwarts required. That’s a terrible joke, it sounded better when I… Yeah, intro. (exciting energetic music) Okay, there’s a few ways to do this. There’s a really easy way, you just take Continue Reading

Caramel Coconut Coffee Latte Recipe

Today I’m going to make the perfect tropical coconut milk coffee, with a touch of magic. This recipe was inspired by Mabelle. Take a coconut full of liquid, cut it in half and empty the juice. Peel the inside, cut it into small dices then put it in a mixer. Continue Reading

Magic Coffee Table

so did you think you were gonna make dinner I can remember what I just wish to take some initiative and cook your own dinner for once I’ve been at work too you know and what now I get to come home and pack the dishwasher and then I’m back Continue Reading

How to Do the Coin through Table Trick | Coin & Card Magic

Magician: So you’ve got a quarter there. You can check it out if you want to, nothing, nothing, nothing going on. Do you like it? Shiny? Alright we’re going to try something really cool with this. This is one of my favorite things to do with a quarter. You take Continue Reading


Hi beautiful souls will come back you with a mirror from amira salon calm and this is your coffee cup reading for the Month of June moving forward time flexible reading if you’d like to book a personal coffee cup reading with me You can do your own cup and Continue Reading

How to Make A Full Cup of Coffee Disappear AGAIN – Crazy Magic Tricks

I’m out of coffee, so water?!?