[Eng] Cafe Vlog | 작고 아늑한 개인카페 브이로그 & 초간단 딸기청 만들기

A guest came while we were preparing for the opening. (Ok~!) (Clear the bar) Throw away the first shot, and extract the new espresso. It’s my drink ! The previously used milk foam maker is broken. So I changed it, and I’m satisfied ! My subscriber said the other day. Continue Reading

Relax with Cute dutch cube latte | Working at Korean cafe vlog in AYA Coffee

Eeek Hi guys💕 Isn’t this drink so cuuuuute??? This is called Dutch cube latte, Made with ice coffee cube And milke! Isn’t AYA owner’s cup taste also so cute??? YUPPP This must be thumbnail of this vid Oops I almost forgot. Btw! Today I’m here with AYA coffee>.

Healthy Homemade Fudge Recipe : Adding Honey, Vanilla & Cocoa to Make Healthy Fudge

Okay I’m going to add a fourth of a cup of honey, just start squirting it in here. Like I said, you could use a raw honey. I actually really love raw honey. This is just our standard clover honey. That’s almost a fourth of a cup, just squeeze that Continue Reading

DIY Cocoa Powder Sunless Tan Lotion, Corinne VS Pin #2

What up Internet? Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne vs. Pin. Rose left a comment on the glow stick nails video with a link to this pin showing that you can use lotion and cocoa powder—yes, chocolate powder— to make sunless tanner. I really do not like sitting out in Continue Reading

How To Make Tiramisu : How to Dip Ladyfingers in Italian Espresso Coffee

Hello. My name is Angela Faiola and today on behalf of Expert Village, we’re going to be learning how to make tiramisu. Our next step for our tiramisu what we’re going to do is take each one of our ladyfingers and I’ll show you the procedure. We’re going to make Continue Reading

Espresso Coffee Drink Recipes : Making Hot Chocolate Espresso Drink

Hi, I’m Ashley on behalf of Expert Village I’m going to show you how to make a hot chocolate. So, we’re just going to steam our milk and we’re not going to make any foam. Chocolate, now add a little vanilla to it, so that the chocolate isn’t so bitter. Continue Reading