12 Thai Snacks – Tasting Time with Bro!

Seriously not staged!!! I repeat: NOT STAGED!

Marshmallow Snowman (edible craft) – perfect with Hot Cocoa

Hi, I’m Valentina. Wellcome to my channel. In this video I made these cute little snowman. This is a very interesting edible craft that you can make with your kids, and eat it as well. Subscribe to my channel if you didn’t already, and don’t forget to like these cute Continue Reading

Hot Cocoa Treats Marshmallow Pops 마시멜로 빼빼로 컵 만들기 빼빼로데이 Hot Cocoa Treats 한글 자막

Hello, today I am making marshmallow pops. First, melt the white chocolate and dark chocolate. And make a hole in a marshmallow with a pointy stick and stick in a strawberry Pepero or Pocky. And cut slightly a cereal ring. Today I am using Kellogg’s Froot Loops. And dip in Continue Reading

녹텔라 스모어와 매그넘 아이스크림 낄낄 :D

Hello everyone! This is Nado 🙂 Do you remember that I made S’more dip before? So today I’m gonna make it one more time! But This time I will not use Nutella! I will use “Green tea milk spread” this time! I will make it same way with that time Continue Reading

Coffee wth Bob☕space heater 🔥 place☕

Well, good morning cheers to you It is 2:00 a.m It is 41 degrees here in Florida at least in my area of Florida. It’s 41 degrees The people at Florida that’s pretty darn cold, I feel like I should be out in the woods This kind of weather down Continue Reading

ชาเขียวมาร์ชเมลโล่คุกกี้ Green Tea Marshmallow Cookies | FoodTravel ทำขนม

Green Tea Marshmallow Cookies Green Tea Marshmallow Cookies Cake flour 2 cup Brown sugar 1 cup Butter 3/4 cup Eggs 2 Sugar 1/2 cup Marshmallow 30 g Green tea powder 15 g Baking powder 1/2 tsp Salt 1/8 tsp Butter Brown sugar Sugar Eggs Baking powder Cake flour Salt Green Continue Reading