all right let’s do this playlists come huffing it wait that’s not the right one there’s gonna be weird we’re gonna be pretty much this far apart when we live together but like well I justit’s ever heard she did quite have to be in the same party because we Continue Reading

Auf einen Espresso mit Wilma – Interview mit dem humanoiden Roboter Pepper

Chatting with Wilma, the first robot in a scientific library in Germany, sipping an espresso and talking about the general ambiance in libraries in Germany. Good morning, Wilma, how about an espresso? No thanks, I’d rather have some electricity to recharge. I can’t handle any liquids. Then I do not Continue Reading

GUESS WHO Can Gain the MOST Weight in 24 HOURS at TEA PARTY! (Worst GM Challenge) | Rebecca Zamolo

Taoist Master on Power of Mindfulness – Beginners Guide to Meditation | Tea Time Taoism

so I haven’t actually mentioned this on the channel before but when I finished University and started the channel it was a real time of uncertainty for me I didn’t really know what I supposed to be doing or whether the channel was a good idea and I had abundant Continue Reading

Taoism (Daoism) Explained + How it Could Improve Your Life – Tea Time Taoism

Daoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy and religion dating back 2,500 years with the writing of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze. You can think about the Tao Te ching as the bible for Daoism. Dao literally means the path or way Welcome to the Wudang Mountains, the sacred Continue Reading

How to Meditate like a Taoist Master | Tea Time Taoism

so what we are doing right now is Tao Jia Gong Song, Taoist wellness kungfu or sitting meditation. meditation is not that you are required to empty everything from your mind. of course if it’s okay for you to be really empty, that’s fine but most of the case many Continue Reading

Learn to talk about coffee shops in 6 minutes

English from BBC learning english hello I’m Catherine welcome to 6 minute English where we engage in some lively debate and discuss six stimulating items of vocabulary and let’s start here’s your cup of coffee Rob ah thanks but what took you so long Catherine oh sorry Rob I bumped Continue Reading