How to Japanese Tea Ceremony

Today I’m going to HiSUi TOKYO Which is a multi-art school in traditional Japanese culture Though they specialise in Kimono dressing, calligraphy and swordsmanship I was here with my good pal Warren To experience and learn about the traditional art of the Japanese tea ceremony Also know as ‘Sadou’ Drinking Continue Reading

Episode 24: Interview with Lauren Purvis of Mizuba Tea Co.

Live from Portland, it’s Friday night! Hello, tea lovers! Joining me today is Lauren Danson (oops, I meant to say Purvis!) from Mizuba Tea Co. Lauren, thank you so much for joining me today. Hey! Thanks for having me. So Lauren is one of my favorite matcha providers based out Continue Reading

3 Easy Smoothies – Learn to make smoothies with Dragon Fruit , Green Tea , Matcha powder and more

[Sub] Rocambole de chá verde japonês, Fluffy green tea roll cake, 달지않고 촉촉한 녹차롤케이크 : #Mon Chouxchoux

Today, I would like to tell you about green tea Where I was born is always full of fragrant green tea It has been a long time since I left my hometown Already familiar here Now for me, here becomes the place like home full of green tea scent Even Continue Reading

Unleash the Samurai In you, Japanese Uji Matcha Green tea from Adagio Teas

Hello there, this is gentlemen tea today i would like to introduce you to a very fresh and traditional tea that is perhaps one of the most well-known and versatile. The Japanese matcha. The type of Matcha featured here is the Uji Matcha sold by Adagio Teas A unique thing Continue Reading

BEST MATCHA ICE-CREAM | Taste Testers | EP 104

PD: Hi guys! Hi! Hi! We are doing ice-cream today? Woo! It’s my favourite meal! Milo Kit Kat Basically all the chocolate right You make into ice-cream. I’m quite basic. I always go for chocolate vanilla strawberry Are you serious? Macadamia Cereal milk Her flavours damn atas one. Sea salt Continue Reading

Coulant o Volcán de te verde – Matcha Green Tea Lava Cake Recipe

Hello friends, many of you asked me about Asian desserts right now it is a bit difficult to find some ingredients. Today I show you one of my favorite desserts Matcha lava cake a simple and delicious recipe with an Asian touch. I hope you like it. Let’s get started. Continue Reading

Tea Story

Welcome everybody to The Korea Society. It’s our honor and privilege to introduce Doctor Roy Kim, President of the Hagajae Museum in Korea. Dr. Kim majored in biochemical engineering at Seoul National University. He then studied oriental medicine at Kyung Hee University during which he developed a keen interest in Continue Reading

Green Tea RAINBOW Bubble Latte – Boba Recipe

Greetings my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another “You made what?” Today, I have a little recipe for you and it’s for Green tea latte boba. Yeaaah! If you haven’t seen my original milk tea boba recipe, I shall put the link down below. It’s a rather old Continue Reading