SUP Surfing Cocoa Beach on Florida’s Space Coast

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Intense travel, Eagle One, @Matt Perger and geeking out.

I’m in Australia and I just discovered the microphone has broken so things are temporarily going to sound bad until I can fix that and I’m here as part of the Eagle One tour so I’m gonna be doing kind of events: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia. It’s gonna be intense Continue Reading

Skimboard Surfing Cocoa Beach on Florida’s Space Coast

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Thunder on Cocoa Beach | Offshore Boat Racing

Get ready race fans the Thunder is coming! The 7th Annual Thunder on Cocoa Beach offshore powerboat races are May 11th – 15th. Get premium viewing seats before they sell out for all the up close super boat racing action. Feel the Thunder! thunderoncocoabeach dot com

Tony The Tea Towel Man – Aunty Donna’s Rumpus Room! Ep07

-Oh my God, it’s a lion! -Where did the lion come from? Arrrgh!I’m a scary lion and stuff. Watch out for me! Rarrrrgh! Oh, guys, it’s ok, it’s ok. This fortress is practically impenetrable, ok? Impregnetable? ARRRRRRRGGHH! Ya right Zach? Hello there. My name is Tony and I’m a tea Continue Reading

Melbourne: Coffee Culture

What can I get for you today? Just a latte. Cappuccino. Ristretto. Yeah, long black. I’ll have a cold drip thanks. Milk on the side? Do you do raw milk? Skinny milk. Cow’s milk? No milk. Oat milk. Sorry was that oat milk or goat milk? Do you have oat Continue Reading

Coffee can heat your home, and even cook your dinner – find out why!

an enterprising Melbourne company has found an ingenious use for one of the city’s biggest waste products, coffee grinds. The tiny startup company has managed to turn the leftovers from your morning cuppa into fuel that can heat your home or even cook your dinner. Is there anything more wondrous Continue Reading

The secret to a perfect Melbourne coffee

Melbourne has probably one of the most mature espresso cultures in the world we were getting some of the earliest coffee machines anywhere coming out of from Italy when Italians were moving over here in the Fifties and that’s meant we’ve been drinking it for decades a lot longer than Continue Reading

Bookmatched Blackwood Resin River Coffee Table | Sounds of the workshop

50mm thick blackwood Ripping with jigsaw, too big for bandsaw flatten one face ripping off wood that won’t fit on the jointer jointing edge too hard to joint with weight/wobble tall bandsaw resaw fence resaw to make bookmatch table, nearly maxing out bandsaw! fill dry rot with medium CA. Hardens Continue Reading