Degree of roasting | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

Degree of roasting Hello to all espresso enthusiasts. Here I am again to talk about the colours of roasted coffee. Beans that have a beautiful brown colour? Perfect for an Americano or long coffee. Deeper brown? This indicates the best degree of roasting for an espresso with highlands Arabica, such Continue Reading

How to make cappuccino with your De’Longhi ECAM 25.462 coffee machine

making cappuccino after attaching the milk container turn the froth regulator on the milk container lid to the required position press the cappuccino button cappuccino is displayed together with a progress bar which fills gradually as preparation proceeds after delivering the milk the machine automatically makes the coffee if during Continue Reading

Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean // TheCandyGuy

Welcome back to my channel TheCandyGuy where I talk about treats for the sweet tooth. Today I’m going to talk about dark chocolate espresso beans the dark chocolate espresso bean that we carry here at the Penny Candy Store is made by Sconza. And they’re the same company where we Continue Reading

How to make coffee using coffee beans in your De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM 350.55.B or ECAM 350.75.S

you [Music] making automatic recipes using coffee beans fill the container with coffee beans place one or two cups under the coffee spouts lower the spouts as near as possible to the cup to make a creamier coffee then select your required coffee preparation begins a progress bar appears on Continue Reading

How to do Latte Art – Made by Nespresso Creatista

Welcome to this Nespresso video on how to do latte art with your new Creatista machine. Fill the water tank with fresh potable water and turn the machine ON by pressing the START button. Push to unlock the cup support to accomodate a smaller cup. Place a cup under the Continue Reading

How to Foam Milk for a Latte 3 Ways – COFFEE BREAK SERIES | HONEYSUCKLE

There’s something about having a thick layer of foam in your latte that instantly makes it taste better and it doesn’t have to require one of those fancy machines. Today I’m going to show you how to make frothy milk foam, 3 ways. The first way is using a plain Continue Reading

How to Make a Cappuccino and milk based coffee in Your De’Longhi ECAM 23.460.S Coffee Machine

making cappuccinos and milk based coffees filling and attaching the milk container remove the lid fill the milk container with a sufficient quantity of milk not exceeding the max level marked on the handle make sure the milk intake tube is correctly inserted in the bottom of the milk container Continue Reading

Coffee Jelly (Coffee Jello Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, let’s grind the coffee beans to make fresh coffee. Using a hand-cranked coffee grinder is fun and gives you a special hands-on feel! Next, place the coffee into the filter in the dripper. Even out the grounds making Continue Reading

The bean and the plant | De’Longhi | The excellence of Italian roasters

The bean and the plant Hello, my name is Gabriella Baiguera. Today I’ll talk to you about coffee beans, the seed of a wonderful Ethiopian plant that flowers two/three times a year, meaning that fruit and blossoms appear on a branch at the same time. The beans are contained in Continue Reading

How to Make a Cappuccino in Your De’Longhi Autentica ETAM 29.620 Coffee Machine

“Making cappuccino” When preparing cappuccino, make the coffee in a large cup. Fill a container (preferably one with a handle to avoid scalding) with about 100 grams of milk for each cappuccino. In choosing the size of the container, bear in mind that the milk doubles or triples in volume. Continue Reading