Special chocolate icecream milkshake with whipped cream topping।। স্পেশাল চকোলেট আইসক্রিম মিল্ক শেক

this shake is mixed with chocolate ice cream, milk, whipped cream and cocoa powder foster clarks whipped cream topping price 160 BDtk there are two sachet, one sachet is enough for this chocolate milk shake take a cold bowl, pour all powder from 1 sachet add half cup cold milk Continue Reading

Cold bournvita milkshake | KIDS SPECIAL | How to make bournvita milkshake

Take a jar and add Bournvita and ice cubes add Milk add Sugar Mix well Decorate glass with chocolate syrup Our Glasses are ready Serve Bournvita in glasses Add Little Chocolate Syrup on top of it

5 Homemade Ice Cream Milkshakes – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep 71

(Music) Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Homemade Ice Cream Milkshakes Hi Bold Bakers! Summer is almost here and I wanted to start sharing with you my frozen dessert lineup and another great way to use my Homemade No Machine Ice Cream. I’m going to show you some of your favorite flavors Continue Reading

5 Outrageously Delicious Milkshakes

Hey everyone. I am so excited today because we have two super fun reasons to celebrate. The first is that the Domestic Geek has reached twenty thousand subscribers and I can’t thank you guys enough for all the love and support you’ve shown. All your liking, commenting, and watching the Continue Reading

क्रीम बिस्कीट ब्लास्ट | Cream Biscuit Blast | Cream Biscuit Milkshake | Recipe in Marathi by Sonali

Hello everyone! Welcome to Ruchkar Mejwani with Sonali. It is difficult to cook when kids are at home. Because, they always want to eat fancy and unique dishes. I face the same problem at my house. Even I have to keep searching for new ideas. The other day while eating Continue Reading