Cold Tea Bags Home Remedy For Dark Circles

Cold tea bags home remedy for dark circles Simple technique to get rid of the dark circles is using cold tea bags A classic beauty food, cucumber has a high water content that rehydrates, collagen- boosting silica, and skin- strengthening sulphur. it also provides vitamin K, which increases the elasticity Continue Reading

Why do coffee and alcohol make you PEE more?

Ever wonder why both coffee and alcohol have the unfortunate tendency to make you pee? Well aside from the fact that you may have been binge drinking both of these substances Hopefully not at the same time. There are actually some simple biological processes at work when nature decides to Continue Reading


Hey guys, it’s Ro! It is still very cold outside, and I know I live in Southern California where it isn’t the most cold in January. But the other day, it was 38 degrees, and for me that is very chilly! And when it’s cold outside, I like to make Continue Reading