Trump vs Bitcoin, Japanese Exchange Hacked, Mining BTC with NASA’s Apollo | Coffee and Crypto

Hi, everyone, I’m Olivia, head of editorial at Cointelegraph. And I’m Molly Jane, head of news. And this is Coffee & Crypto. So, Molly, what are we going to talk about today? I’m going to tell you about some tweets that our president made. Okay, I’m going to tell you Continue Reading

Finding The Largest Tea Tree In The World (WILD: Episode 1)

Had to put away the fancy cameras- because they don’t want the security guards to know. *coughs* I just ate a bug. We have just left the city and are driving 10 hours west to Ailao mountains, where we will be hiking to a 2,700-year-old tea tree. Now tea is Continue Reading

My Father Forced Me To Beg On The Streets To Earn Money For Him

Hey, guys! My name is Amber. And today I can happily say, I have a roof over my head, clean clothes, and I’ve just had a really nice dinner. What’s so special about that? Believe it or not, before, like less than a year ago, you would’ve found me sitting Continue Reading

How Square Makes Money

Square, Inc has grown from a scrappy payments startup to a $26 billion FinTech giant. Square shares soaring on Thursday. I love this stock. It’s Square SQ the payment technology company that can turn any smartphone or tablet into a credit card reader. Not bad for something that started off Continue Reading


i wanna dream vivo 4la mami es por mi por nadie mas si me jodí llegue al lugar me hago rich que cuenten mas oh yeah, mama estoy fecendo money oh yeah, quizás mañana voy a morir oh yeah, mama estoy facendo money oh, yeah quizas mañana voy a morir Continue Reading

Atomy Toothpaste Ingredients Water Soluable Propolis and Green Tea Extract

Atomy Toothpaste Ingredients Water Soluable Propolis and Green Tea Extract

Scholarships For Success Ep. 1: Coffee and Classes

>>My senior experience was different from my peers in the way that I wasn’t planned for college as most seniors were. ♪♪ As one of four siblings, we didn’t really have college funds set up for us. So financially, I was afraid. If I’m paying bills right now, or working Continue Reading