The Wire Frames – A Coffee Song

Dark roast, and white chocolate mocha Soy milk cappuccino Maybe a breve Or something in between They all started off as coffee beans possibly organically hopefully traded fairly for anyone involved Caffeine is running through my veins Speeding up my heart rate and keeping me awake I have only one Continue Reading

CAFFEINE – Acorde7 Blues Band

Every day i see her coming back home Always drinking coffee but she’s never be alone She moves all my basics instincts And I need another coffee To calm down my thinks Hey… Lyne! My Caffeine Candy eyes hiding deepest secrets Cherry lips showing mysterious and wishes striking smile inviting Continue Reading

Red Bull and Violin Bow Shake – Caffeine and a Bouncing Bow Violin Lesson

hello musicians thank you for joining us Andrew Mercer here today we’re going to talk a little about Monster energy drinks caffeine coffee espresso we’re gonna talk to caffeine and your violin playing now I’ve been known to drink a little espresso people who know me well know that well Continue Reading

Kosher Berry Pies and Whipped Cream for Passover ✡️ | Evite Recipes

Hi, my name is Whitney Fisch from “Jew Hungry” and today we’ll be making no- baked, mixed berry chocolate pies for your Passover Seder. (upbeat music plays)

Offset • The Live Experience • Only on Caffeine

– Right now, it’s all about community. (fans cheering) It’s all about connecting. (fans cheering) It’s all about finding your tribe. (suspenseful music) It’s about giving people a voice, an outlet, an opportunity. No matter who you are, (suspenseful music) it’s all about the live experience. (intense music) That’s what Continue Reading

Sarileru Neekevvaru Trailer | Mahesh Babu | Vijayasanthi | Anil Ravipudi | DSP | Rashmika Mandanna

[BEEP] [TRAIN HONKING] O’ dear Lord… Send a cute, sweet and handsome guy into my life. Do you get it? [peppy music playing] I love you! Do you get it? [squeals] I’m impressed! Hey, girl… Hold on. Stop it. Pull her away, man. Let me tell you something man to Continue Reading

24 Hours In Cocoa Beach Florida on the Space Coast

[upbeat electronic music]

CAFFEINE Jolene Song Parody!!! // Dolly Parton Viral Meme Made Song

Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine Oh I’m begging of you please just help me stand Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine Caffeine Please help me because I know you can Your energy is beyond compare With boiling pots of black brew there With hearty scent and start of roasted bean My breath’s unlike a Continue Reading