Is Using Compost and Compost Tea Really Safe?

Here, we have a question from James, who’s been doing a bit of researching. “After researching the safety of compost tea, “food cultivation, and food safety in general, “I read a study from the UCONN College of Agriculture “where they sound the alarm on mulch piles, “compost, both plant and Continue Reading

Caffeine 101 | National Geographic

(light liquid pouring) (gentle sipping) – [Narrator] For morning coffee to afternoon tea, caffeine is so thoroughly entrenched in our daily routines and has become the worlds most widely used psychoactive substance. Caffeine is a chemical compound that stimulate the central nervous system. It accomplishes this by attaching itself to Continue Reading

Coffee Boring Beetles: Depriving The World Of Caffeine For More Than 30 Years

Hi Guys. This is Trisha with Insectopia here to talk to you about a coffee boring beetle. This beetle is closely related to weevils and is native to Africa. Although nowadays, wherever there is coffee, you can find these borers. Today, we are going to talk about a beetle that Continue Reading

BBQ Mountain Boys Episode 2 : The Coffee Farmer

Farming, blacksmithing, leathercrafting, outdoor activities are my passion I grew up in a farmer family. My parents taught me to farm, grow crops with all the fatigue. The learning process that makes me able to do it as it is today. I can grow crops, take care my coffee, build Continue Reading

These forest fungi are a bounty for Arizona mushroom hunters

JUDY WOODRUFF: Mushroom hunters have fanned out across forest floors for hundreds of years searching for what can be lucrative and delicious finds. But is climate change affecting these fungi? From the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University, Melanie Porter found weather change, at least, isn’t all bad Continue Reading

BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY with Nikon Z6 | camera settings, camouflage, permanent photo blind and coffee..

Bjørn, you have to be quiet when they come… It’s still quite dark outside and too dark to photograph. I arrived here before sunrise, around an hour and a half before sunrise, just so that the birds would not see us come here. I’m here with Bjørn, and he’s very Continue Reading

High Tea in Banff National Park

And what they couldn’t understand was that I was up here all summer. Didn’t you get lonely? No, I didn’t get lonely. It was too busy. Well I think I got my confidence from growing up on the farm. We had to work hard and if something was broken, you Continue Reading