How To Flavor Tea

Hi, Bill The Flavor Guy here. Today we — we’re gonna expand on that orange extract we made in our last video, and it’s still here in front of me in fact, the extract sat over the weekend and continued to separate as it does and clarify I have about Continue Reading

How To Roast Coffee Beans

At Nature’s Flavors, we like to roast our own beans, so we like to control the roast. These are Columbian, they’re organic columbian beans from the El Tolima Estate. And we have this nice Turkish roaster, we’ve had it for about 25 years. Thing works like a champ, hopefully it Continue Reading

How to Flavor Coffee Beans

I’m going to start out with a set level. You may want to add more flavor, you may want to add less flavor. We’re using a French Vanilla (Flavor Oil). It’s made with an alcohol and glycerin base. Use approximately 7 1/2 ml. We have about 1lb of coffee. Normally Continue Reading