Tea is a Goth Thing Now? | Black Friday

Hi there everybody, today I’ve got a question for you! There’s something that’s recently come to my attention, that maybe you can clear up for me, because I’m just confused. Apparently tea drinking has become a Goth thing now. Why? When did this start? How did it start? Because, like, Continue Reading

Drinking 7 Cups of Coffee in 1 hour. (Seriously don’t try this)

Hi, I’m Josh. I’m Ollie. And today, we’re in JOLLY Wellington! Look at the sea! We’re in Wellington today. It’s pretty average Wellington weather I’d say. Windy, wet. It’s probably gonna be beautiful for about five minutes, And then it’s gonna be like this again. But little did you know Continue Reading

Empty Coffee Cups

Eyyy, bought that new toy, dropped that 15k! Oh you bad man! 15k?! Wooo, oh that’s nothing… Boys boys boys, mochachino for you, cappuchino for you Chase, soy flatty for me and nothing for you Jayce? Yeah well, I appreciate the offer, but I’m off caffeine at the moment Off Continue Reading