12 Thai Snacks – Tasting Time with Bro!

Seriously not staged!!! I repeat: NOT STAGED!

Best homemade chocolate frosting with cocoa powder

its 1/2 tsp not 2 tsp

Cooking Safety Tea towels – BSL

Morning everybody my name’s Graham I’m from the persons at risk team here at Nottingham Fire & Rescue Service and just a few little kitchen tips today to keep ourselves safe when we are cooking. Number one make sure we keep anything that’s combustible such as oven gloves in this Continue Reading

จับบัตรคิวกินโกโก้ ตอนสี่ทุ่ม Midnight A Cocoa (ENG SUB) | อ่อนแอก็แพ้ไป EP.2 | Paidon ไปโดน

I’m tired. Right now, I’m taking the BTS to Wongwian Yai. We are doing a mission for #Wait or Waive EP.2 A bit of distance to Wongwian Yai. This Cafe opens at 10 PM Let’s find out what cafe we are heading to. I’m currently at Wongwian Yai. Currently, it Continue Reading

24 Not So Lonely Wanderer Tiny House By Tea Cup Tiny Homes | Living Design For A Tiny House

24 Not So Lonely Wanderer Tiny House By Tea Cup Tiny Homes | Living Design For A Tiny House

Birthday Coffee | RyanTheAnvil Visits Coffee Ethic

good cup coffee 12 ounce house Oh listen it’s my birthday I mean it’s my birthday you know what I mean so we’re getting coffee to kick it off and have some fun in the shop we’re gonna get all buzzed up I’m happy all right I’m gonna add the Continue Reading

Give Yourself Some Grace: Real Talk with Coffee

Hi folks! Marie here for some real talk with coffee, and I want to talk today about giving yourself grace. I was talking to a Create Balance community member recently and we were talking about forgiving yourself; and she was talking about the importance of forgiving herself for not being Continue Reading

Drinking coffee in the morning

OH YEAH. Coffee. Ayayayayayayayaya. It’s a new day! Woo! – A good mornin’ to ya! (laughing hysterically) Woo!! -Alphabet backwards? Oh, Z Y X W V U T S R Q P – And there’s the crash. (heavy breathing) (silence) -I’m not crashing, I’m not crashing, I’m not crashing… -I Continue Reading